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APPIX Announces New Notifications Service Focused On Making Concerts And Events Safer

PLSN Staff • NewsProduct News • December 5, 2019

VANCOUVER – APPIX is a new audience engagement technology, lightning effects tool, and in-venue smartphone app that officially launched in 2019. To wrap up a successful year that saw them working with massive names like Disney Pixar, New Kids On The Block, UFC, and much more, APPIX has now announced the launch of a revolutionary new service focused on making concerts and events safer for attendees.

More details from APPIX (

The service is called APPIX APSA (Area Public Safety Alerts) and is a notifications solution similar to weather or amber alerts, although without any reliance on cellular data or WiFi networks. The service is a new extension of their current in-venue smartphone technology and allows for transmissions of public health and safety alerts, regardless of cellular congestion or a total loss of electricity. APPIX ASPA will be free to download, requires no user information, and utilizes non-pairing Bluetooth technology.

APPIX APSA is scheduled to go live in 2020 and was first announced at the recent Event Safety Summit in Pennsylvania from the Event Safety Alliance® (ESA). To celebrate the big launch, APPIX will offer an exclusive 100% discount on the solution for almost any special event or producer that is a member of the Event Safety Alliance in good standing with an event having an attendance of over 5,000. APPIX APSA will be available to these events at no cost, other than essential expenses like transport and labor.

Beyond announcing their new APSA service at the Event Safety Summit, APPIX served as the official app for the conference by providing attendees with real-time details about presenters and the evolving daily schedule. Members of the APPIX team also participated in recent industry gatherings like Billboard Live and Capitol Royale in Los Angeles, along with the Live Design International Show and XLIVE in Las Vegas as they make preparations for an even bigger 2020 with more successful projects.

In other news, APPIX recently partnered with Disney Pixar for a special film-to-concert live production of Coco at the iconic Hollywood Bowl. Through APPIX’s in-venue smartphone app, attendees shared in the magic and became a part of the live experience through colorful and memorable moments that were harmonized with show’s lighting, production, live performances, and the film itself. The event featured special guests including Miguel, Eva Longoria, Carlos Rivera, Benjamin Bratt, and Jaime Camil.

Event Safety Summit 2019 at Rock Lititz Day 2 11/21/19. Photo Credit: Nicholas Karlin

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