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Area Four Industries Acquires Prolyte

PLSN Staff • News • October 29, 2019


Area Four Industries consolidates its leadership position among the world manufacturers of aluminum trusses, support structures, peripheral products and related services industry. Continuing on the path already traced by the other controlled brands, Prolyte will keep its DNA intact but will undergo a profound reorganization from a management, production and strategic point of view.

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Since its establishment in 1991, Prolyte has been a leading brand in the production of temporary structures for the entertainment industry. Throughout its history, the company introduced several key products that influenced the entire market for years to come. Now is the time to bring back the glory days.

František Zykan, CEO of Area Four Industries, explains: “We will invest in the development of Prolyte as a brand, as well as in new ideas and products. Our current partners remain equally important for us. I trust that in two years, Prolyte will be no. 1 in customer satisfaction.”

The seeds of Area Four Industries were planted in 1994, when Milos Structural Systems was founded in the Czech Republic. It quickly grew into one of the largest truss manufacturers in Europe, and then further extended its reach with the establishment of Milos U.K. and Milos America. In 2007, a new Milos manufacturing plant was opened in Guangzhou, China, followed by the opening of Milos Concepts GmbH in 2010.

Area Four Industries was created in 2012, when the engineering design expertise, experience, knowledge, and manufacturing capabilities of its three brands – Milos Structural Systems, Litec and TOMCAT – were combined and solidified. James Thomas Engineering came on board in 2014.

The union of these four brands led to an improved and redefined structure that has allowed Area Four Industries to give its customers access to the world’s largest offer of truss, support structures, peripheral products and related services.

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