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Ayrton makes a splash with the launch of Domino – the Master of the Elements

PLSN Staff • Product News • July 10, 2020


FRANCE – Ayrton is very excited to launch the latest in its series of IP65-rated fixtures, Domino – The Master of the Elements!  Building on the huge success of Perseo, Ayrton’s first IP65-rated fixture, Domino delights in dominating the most extreme environments while delivering the most stunning effects.

More details from Ayrton (

Delivering a massive 51,000 lumens from its 1000W LED source, Domino is a brilliantly versatile fixture that combines the output and exceptional optics of Huracán-X with the feature set of Khamsin, in an IP65-rated body. Designed to operate in the most extreme situations, Domino can resist hot or cold temperatures, wind, rain, hail, salt fog, sand and dust. It can withstand arid environments, heavy rainfall, and sudden climatic variations.

Ayrton has included all the weatherproofing features of Perseo and given it the same minimalist design, reduced visual footprint and, for maximum effectiveness, a liquid cooling system with six IP68-rated submersible fans outside its weatherproof enclosure.

Fitted with a 178 mm frontal lens, Domino’s proprietary optical system uses 13 lenses, producing a 10:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 6° to 60°. The exceptional optics deliver an extremely uniform flat beam with no hot spot and reproduce impeccable high-definition images over the entire zoom range.

Feature-rich from the factory, Domino has a sophisticated subtractive CMY color mixing system combined with a variable CTO and a wheel with six complementary colors for infinite pastel and saturated colors. The framing section allows accurate positioning of each of its 4 shutter blades across a 100% surface area. The image section includes 14 interchangeable HD glass gobos on two wheels. The effects section contains two dynamic effect-wheels with continuous movement in both directions, a CMY multi-layered wheel for creating multi-colored effects, a standard monochromatic effect-wheel, a 15-blade iris diaphragm, two frost filters (for light and heavy diffusion), CRI and TM30 optimizing filters, two rotating prisms (one circular with 5 facets and one linear with 4 facets), a dynamic sparkle effect with speed and fade adjustment, and an electronic dimmer.

Domino is available in S and TC versions: Domino-S delivers metallic white light with a record-breaking output of 51,000 lumens at a color temperature of 7000K for incredible brightness; Domino-TC is calibrated at a color temperature of 6000K with a CRI greater than 90 and very high TM30 readings for perfect color rendition.

Weighing in at 52kg, Domino is designed for stadium-sized settings and intensive outdoor use. This Master of the Elements is ready to take on the most extreme conditions and is shipping with immediate effect.

Hot off the press: The newly-released Domino presentation video can be viewed at and




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