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Bandit Lites Shines at Knoxville Museum of Art Annual Gala

PLSN Staff • News • April 19, 2021

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE – The Knoxville Museum of Art held the 18th annual L’Amour du Vin, its primary fundraising event that features a fine dining experience and auction. Bandit Lites donated the lighting system for the event, which was “inspired by the unconventional, biomorphic sculptures of artist Crystal Wagner, and was focused on desert hues, movement, vibrancy, intrigue, and creating a warm, welcoming ambiance despite vast spacing between parties and large structure tent,” according to Carla May Paré, KMA Director of Fundraising Events and Special Projects.

More details from Bandit (

“Bandit Lites is a creative partner and collaborator that takes our events to the next level,” said Paré. “What Bandit creates is magic, but what stands out to me above everything is the team. It was an honor and privilege to work with the Bandit Lites team, especially this year.”

The museum’s exterior marble façade was illuminated with IP-rated Freedom Pars. To facilitate social distancing, Bandit lined the floors with Freedom Par Quad-4s to define the pathways, keep guests moving forward, and to illuminate the large columns down the grand staircase in the Great Hall while Chauvet Min-E 10 WW Lekos were mounted to the balcony, as well as lining the pathway to the outdoor tent.

“All Freedom Pars were controlled using Chauvet’s proprietary D-Fi control with FlareCON transmitters,” explained Bandit Lites Client Representative and Project Manager Giff Swart. “This allows a cleaner installation with fewer physical data cables, and the use of battery-powered Freedom Pars means no power-cables as well. This was especially important as the museum doesn’t have a plethora of power outlets.”

Using 1-ton hoists and special Keder-rail clamps, Bandit rigged 98 feet of Prolyte triangular X30D truss down the length of the spine of the tent in which the dinner and live auction took place for the event. Vari-Lite 2500 Spots and thirty-six GLP X4S fixtures were hung and used to light the tables below while Spandex shapes were hung on the tent to help obfuscate the aluminum skeleton.

On another 20’ of Prolyte, hung perpendicular to the spine truss, Bandit mounted eight GLP X4S fixtures to provide a front wash for the small stage at the end of the tent. All truss used was black to provide a contrast with the white tent top and Spandex shapes.

Behind the stage were four Thomas GP 12’ towers with iColor Accent Tubes of varying lengths in a random pattern to give texture and color. These worked in harmony with the contrast between the white of the tent, the black truss and the color combinations of the LED fixtures and tubes, while forty COLORdash Batten-Quad 12 fixtures and twenty-six Elation SIXPAR 100IP units were placed around the tent to add to the color possibilities, providing wash around the perimeter with more depth and contrast.

“Lighting is a crucial piece of executing an immersive design experience,” finished Paré. “It evokes emotion, transforms spaces and other design elements, can command attention and be imperative to the rhythm and timing of an event. Throughout the design process, Bandit is an imperative creative collaborator whose team takes my vision, no matter how crazy, and makes it even better than I envisioned.”

Event Design & Production: Carla May Paré

Photography: Juicebeats Photography

Lighting: Bandit Lites

Linens & Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals

Floral: Rose Moss Designs

A/V: Springboard AV

Culinary: Chef Cassidee Dabney, The Barn at Blackberry Farm

Wine: Spire Collection

Art: Crystal Wagner



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