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Christie Mirage SST-6P RGB pure laser projection system

PLSN Staff • Product News • March 24, 2021

Christie Mirage SST-6P

Christie announced the launch of the new Christie Mirage SST-6P, a dual-head 18,000 lumen, 4K, 6-Primary 3D RGB pure laser projection system that delivers twice the onscreen brightness of traditional color-comb 30,000-lumen lamp-based 3D projection systems for bright, colorful, and detailed 3D images for venues including theme parks, attractions and giant screen dome theaters.

More details from Christie:

The 6-Primary (6P) 3D dual-projector system uses two sets of RGB laser primaries with slightly off-set wavelengths: one for the right eye, and one for the left. Reusable passive 3D glasses filter different wavelengths and direct the light to the correct eye, with no shuttering, for a natural and comfortable 3D visual experience. The result is a projection system that is 90% efficient at projecting light onto the screen, and white-screen compatible for blending the multi-projector arrays typically used in dome theaters and media-based attractions such as dark rides and flying theaters.

“With the Mirage SST-6P projection system, dark 3D visuals are a thing of the past,” says Larry Paul, executive director, Technology and Custom Solutions, Enterprise and Entertainment, Christie. “The Mirage SST-6P was developed specifically for 3D applications and exceeds the DCI-P3 color space, ensuring that 3D visuals in dark rides, attractions and planetariums look as intended – bright, contrast-rich and colorful – revealing a level of detail audiences haven’t seen before.” With TruLife electronics, Mirage SST-6P delivers 4K 3D content up to 120fps per eye, with an option of up to 480fps at 2K.

The projection system uses two fiber-coupled projection heads with remote light sources and chillers. The projection heads are quiet, compact and lightweight, and have an extremely low heat output of less than 2400 BTU each. With omni-directional capabilities and solid-state illumination, Mirage SST-6P is designed for installation flexibility in tight, challenging environments and 30,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation to 80% brightness.

Christie Mirage SST-6P includes Christie Twist, for built-in warping and blending. It is compatible with Christie Mystique , an automated camera-based alignment software solution, and supports Christie Guardian for invisible, real-time, automatic blended-image correction, even when content is playing.

Christie Mirage SST-6P is available for order now.


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