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City Theatricals Shows Off the Track Tamers™

PLSN Staff • Product News • August 14, 2020


NYC – Load-rated Track Tamers separate the lockdown of the track from the lockdown of the lighting fixture, making the lighting technician’s job faster and safer. Many lighting installations use Unistrut with Unistrut nuts, but Unistrut nuts are not designed to hang and focus lighting fixtures. Once loosened, a Unistrut nut can pop out of the track and leave you with a lighting fixture in your arms at the top of a lift or ladder. City Theatrical Track Tamers allow you to safely and quickly hang, slide to position, focus, and tightly lock a lighting fixture with no danger of it falling out of the track.

More details from City Theatrical (

Track Tamers Are CE Certified and RoHS Compliant, Safely Supporting Projects Worldwide


SWL 250 lbs.

Track Tamers, available in eight types, are an ideal solution to support large lighting projects around the world.

Did You Know?

Track Tamers’ deep grooves grip the track tightly to prevent it from coming out, and separate the lockdown of the track from the lockdown of the lighting fixture. With a Track Tamer, the user can easily slide the fixture into position (without danger of falling out of the track), then lock it down to the track while still leaving the fixture free to focus. After the fixture is focused, it then can be locked down tightly for the run of the show, making it a safe and efficient way to hang lighting fixtures.

Track Tamers: Proven Safe and Strong

The safe working load (SWL) for all eight Track Tamer models is 250 pounds, or 113.4 kilograms.

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