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Darmah Studio Launches dXR Stage with Full Extended Reality Sets for First COVID-Era Award Show

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • August 24, 2020

MIAMI – Darmah, who specializes in production design enhanced by the latest cutting-edge tools, has unveiled their dXR stage with the latest Extended Reality (XR) Technology powered by disguise. “This allows us to imagine, create, and deliver new and unique visual experiences,” says Darmah partner Rodrigo Proal. “Darmah was the first certified disguise studio worldwide, and now we have the only studio with a dXR stage that’s completely turnkey.” The studio is equipped with the latest disguise RX hardware developed exclusively for XR workflow with the fastest available GPU performance. “Now we’re able to get creative combining it with rendering engines such as Unreal and Notch.”

More details from Darmah (

Another key component involves another longtime partner, ROE Visuals. “For our LED screens, our brand of choice has been ROE Visual for many years now, so our stage is enhanced with BO2 and BM4 for best broadcast results.” Recently top Latin acts Ozuna, CNCO, and Manuel Turizo shoot their live, dXR-enhanced performances there for the 17th Annual Premios Juventud, Univision’s international Hispanic entertainment awards.

“Darmah’s dXR stage gave me innovative production choices,” says Ulises Chang, Univision’s Executive Producer. “It was something different and new, all produced in a safe and controlled environment. It took worries off my shoulders and I was satisfied, the artists were happy with the results, and we were all pleased to be the first to feature XR technology on TV for the first awards show in the COVID era.”

“I’ve worked with Darmah before, so coming to their studio was comfortable for me and my crew,” says Ozuna. “They always find a way to innovate and bring something different to our performances. Being able to see myself on the monitor inside the virtual world while I performed was very cool – I do see myself coming back for more.”

The dXR Difference

The performances of the three artists were case studies in Darmah’s one-of-a-kind experiences. Each act was designed, developed, and executed by the Darmah team. Their audio needs included in-ear monitors to give the artist that playing live feel which contributed to their exciting performances.

“While there are warehouses and studios that can set up stages and live-stream or broadcast, they end up needing to rent the video, outsource graphic services, or need a sound company to bring in audio, et cetera,” says Darmah Partner Bianca Moncada. “Here, the artists and their team walk in in the morning and leave later that day with their finished product, all done in-house. It really eliminates a lot of the hassle and headaches – and most importantly during these times, it is absolutely the safest as we adhere to strict CDC recommendations on proper COVID-19 practices.” Their UV technology robots (UVOTs) thoroughly disinfects the space, and they pare down the staff to the bare minimum. “But the perks that make an artist comfortable are in place, from nice dressing rooms to a green room with a big screen and the always appreciated mini-fridge.”

“The mix between reality and virtual was interesting to see,” says Manuel Turizo’s manager, Juan Diego Medina. “To experience how real lighting reflected on Manuel while he was inside the virtual scene was just amazing. It enabled him to sing live and feel the right energy for his performance.”

“This is where the magic happens,” Proal adds. “Whether artists and their teams come to us to experience a private production space or executive producers have the need to create something unique to captivate their audiences with new technologies and visual experiences, we can do it all. The best part is seeing our clients satisfied with the final results.”


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