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DTS Lighting Launches Alchemy 7 Moving Wash Light

PLSN Staff • Product News • June 22, 2021

ITALY  – Two years after launching Alchemy 5, the Italian company has decided to expand its range of Fresnel wash moving heads: Alchemy 7 is designed to extend the range and offer a more powerful option.

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DTS’s Alchemy line already caught attention in the theatre and television industry in the last few years for its high quality of light, extended color palette and versatility. In fact, Alchemy’s 250 mm Fresnel lens and a 6-color LED source made it possible to label it a “new generation” Fresnel moving head.

Alchemy 7 was launched on June 16th on the company’s social media platforms, with one of its focal points being its superior-quality light. Like its predecessors, Alchemy 7 features a 6-color chip LED source that allows to recreate a wide range of shades, especially when it comes to pastel tones. Moreover, its tungsten emulation function will allow the LED projector to generate the same effect of halogen lamps on the dimming curve.

From a technical standpoint, Alchemy 7 presents some impressive new features like a 2-blade framing system with a 180-degree full system rotation, and a more powerful lumen output that reaches up to 22,000 lumens. This output is nearly constant throughout its linear CCT that goes from 1,800 K to 10,000 K, granting CRI and TLCI values up to 98 and 96.

The outstanding capability of the Alchemy series regarding color management and white calibration is reconfirmed in Alchemy 7. A vast array of gel filters is never enough, except with this luminaire where desaturation or gel mixing is possible, even when changing color temperature or when calibrating the green tint.

The combination between the vast creative possibilities this projector allows, and its enhanced technical features makes it possible to satisfy the most complex lighting demands, and to uphold a new standard of quality in the most prestigious venues around the world.

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Raffaella Scaccia, Sales Director at DTS lighting comments enthusiastically about the product launch: “Alchemy 7 marks a stepping stone for our company. We believe it will meet expectations for both creative and technical demands and will positively impact our future. Our vision is to keep being a leader in the professional lighting field, and to design Italian-made products that will be known as top-quality in the industry”