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High End Systems Introduces HPU Hardware and Hog 4 OS v3.14

PLSN Staff • Product News • October 6, 2020


AUSTIN – High End Systems has released the new HPU hardware for Hog4, along with an update to Hog4 OS with v3.14 software. HPU replaces both the DMX Processor 8000 (DP8K) unit and the Rack Hog 4 in a modern, 2U rack mounted unit. This processor unit can be run either in console mode or in Processor mode with a 64 universe capacity.

More details from High End (

The new Hog 4 OS v3.14 Software includes several advancements in functionality in addition to bug fixes. A new patching structure allows users to patch to internal universes, which then get mapped to outputs on consoles, DP8Ks, Widgets and Gadget II units, sACN and/or ArtNet. Individual patch universes may be mapped to multiple outputs as needed and can be moved from one output to another without universe cloning.

Adjusted keyboard shortcuts include additional mappings to make programmable USB keyboards function more smoothly. Finally, OSC/MIDI control of faders and encoders for everyone – the requirement to have matching hardware to enable OSC/MIDI control of faders and encoders has been lifted for all consoles with HogNet and Hog 4 PC with or without any ETCnomad dongle.

High End Systems also has rolled out two Hog hardware changes. The Road Hog 4-21 console replaces the Road Hog 4 with a new motherboard and 21.5” HD display. The Road Hog 4-21 update expands the console’s capabilities to include dual display port connections for external monitors or touchscreens. Also, the HedgeHog 4X becomes the sole member of the HedgeHog product range, with the complete networking capabilities of Hog 4, dual display port connections for external monitors or touchscreens and six universes of output. The HedgeHog 4 retires with this release, but is still supported by High End Systems as are all members of the Hog 4 family.

Senior Product Manager Sarah Clausen commented, “The v3.14 software release brings a new flexibility to patching that has been requested by users for a long time. The use of linear universe numbers match more closely with how visualizers and other paperwork applications represent patching, which will make it easier to translate patch paperwork into a console patch. Also, the ability to simply reassign patched universes from one output to another makes managing large or evolving systems easier. And the HPU brings system expansion and backup to the family at an incredible price.”


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