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ICR’s Discovery Center partners with Strand for a flexible, integrated control solution

PLSN Staff • News • February 25, 2020


DALLAS  – The Institute for Creation Research (ICR)’s new Discovery Center for Science & Earth History announced it is benefiting from an advanced, integrated lighting control system from Strand, a Signify (Euronext: LIGHT) entertainment lighting brand. Specified by The Lighting Practice, the system seamlessly combines the needs of multiple exhibit zones, user requirements and technologies.

More details from Strand (

The control system exploits Strand’s ability to integrate entertainment and architectural lighting in one, seamless system. It combines Strand’s powerful NEO Rack playback controller (with a second as backup), which is responsible for playback of the exhibits’ show lighting, with Strand’s flexible, scalable Vision.Net platform, which looks after the various area lighting zones.

The system includes a mix of individually addressed track lighting units, in-grade uplighters in the exhibit floors and various accent luminaires highlighting the individual areas. This variety of fixtures and control protocols across multiple zones, combined with the need for staff to access lighting pre-sets, made the control specification a particularly demanding challenge.

The Strand system controls a variety of luminaire types, while also allowing visitors to operate the lighting of certain exhibits, highlighting specific areas and sequences. In addition, it meets the need for staff to access lighting pre-sets in each area.

“These luminaires use DMX512 to allow for individual control so that we can balance illumination levels in each of the spaces,” says Jon Hoyle, The Lighting Practice, “while some of the architectural lighting fixtures require 0-10 Volt dimming control.”

Image Caption: ICR’s Discovery Center benefits from the integrated control offered by Strand’s NEO Rack playback controller and Vision.Net system

Image Credit: © ICR


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