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Milos Lightens The Load

PLSN Staff • Product News • April 15, 2020


KNOXVILLE  –  Wherever the venue, whatever the event, balance is all-important when hanging LED screens. Even the largest and most prestigious concert or sporting event counts for nothing if the screen is invisible to sections of the audience. The MILOS M390 LED alloy Truss features a central chord, allowing the possibility of using clamps to centrally secure any QTL-LED screen. Welcome to the ultimate viewing experience on the market.

More details from Milos (

Available in standard lengths from 0.5 meters up to 5 meters, mounting with the included connector set assembly is lightning fast, safe, and secure. As usual, the payloads are specified in a load table for different load figures.

Using the MILOS M390 LED Truss means you can prepare and deliver screened events to huge numbers of people secure in the knowledge that all participants will see all the visuals clearly and accurately. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Click here to find more information about M390 LED Truss.

Milos: a 25+ years young brand, with fast, flexible, and affordable quality solutions. “Milos works better”


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