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Morris Lights Up The Belonging Co Conference

PLSN Staff • News • October 24, 2019

NASHVILLE –  The Belonging Co (TBCO) turned to Morris Light & Sound for their biggest conference of the year, held at Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium. Andy Rushing’s design embraced the height of the venue with 30-foot verticals of Elation Chorus Line 16s and a large portrait video wall. TBCO’s Luke Hilliard also played a key role in programming the rig, which included Robe RoboSpots, Spiiders, BMFL Washbeams and Elation Protron Eclypse fixtures filling the venue with light.

More details from Morris (

TBCO reached out to Morris after their first year putting on Conference for the Nashville community. Quickly, the two parties were able to create a plan to outdo themselves for 2019. Together they created a stunning visual experience to accompany the three days of engaging worship, featuring scripture-based testimonials from guest speakers.

“We were super pleased from our initial conversations with Andrew Sullivan, our Morris Account Manager, especially about how quickly he was able to get quotes to us and make revisions as the design changed,” says Andy Rushing, Lighting Designer at TBCO Conference.

“Once we locked onto a plan, having someone like Steven Morgan (Design & Project Manager, Morris Light & Sound) was a game-changer. He was able to take a lot off my plate.”

“The quality and caliber of the Morris team were instrumental in how well Conference went this year, and are the biggest reasons why I’m planning on using Morris for Conference again next year,” Rushing adds.

The lighting design for TBCO Conference 2019 embraced the height of the venue, in part due to Rushing’s design of huge 30’ verticals of Elation Chorus Line 16s and a large portrait video wall. Luke Hilliard, Assistant Lighting Director at TBCO, was instrumental in the programming process, as well as controlling the ROBE RoboSpots throughout the conference. In addition, the lighting lineup also featured the ROBE Spiider®, ROBE BMFL™Washbeam, ROBE BMFL™ FollowSpot and Elation Protron Eclypse.

Rushing and Sean Richardson from TBCO were a pleasure to team up with for this event,” says Morgan. “From the start, they had a definitive design and vision for the show that made collaborating on how to execute it an exciting challenge.”

After seeing Rushing’s programming on other tours and events, Morgan was excited to team up and help provide pre-vis, media server and network support along with Morris technicians Tommy Smith, Josh Gregoire and Karli Scherbing. Rushing pixel mapped the entire rig, as well as integrated video content and lasers into the show in some extremely creative ways. This allowed him to create big looks during high energy moments of the conference as well as making the room feel small and intimate in other songs.

“All in all it was a great conference to be a part of and I was blown away by the staff and volunteers from the TBCO team that made it happen,” Morgan concludes. “I look forward to working with the TBCO team again in the future.”

Photo provided by TBCO


48 Elation Chorus Line 16

24 Elation Protron Eclypse

8 Litecraft Stage Blinder P8

24 ROBE Spiider

16 ROBE BMFL Washbeam

4 ROBE BMFL Followspot



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