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Solaris Flares and Mozarts Featured on The Voice and World of Dance

PLSN Staff • News • January 11, 2019


LOS ANGELES – Over the past year, Emmy Award winning Designer Oscar Dominguez added significantly to the selection of Solaris fixtures used on his many projects, including NBC’s The Voice, and World of Dance.  Recently, up to 124 Solaris Flare Rayzrs™ were added to the main stage of The Voice, for featured artists’ guest spots, as well as for contestants’ live, final rounds performances.  Oscar also used up to almost 1,000 Solaris Mozart® fixtures in unique, innovative ways on various sets.

More details from TMB (

“I’ve been a Flare fan for years, both the original Flares, and then the LR,” says Oscar.  “Now, the new Rayzr ‘blade of light,’ which has all the Flare features, benefits and brightness in a super-thin linear form factor, has given us a radically different design element.  It’s a terrific tool for creating unique light patterns and shapes.  For some sets, I tactfully lined Rayzrs across the front riser, giving it a ‘floating’ feel while not interfering with the backlighting or spots.  Offering an entirely different look, the Rayzr is well-named because it slices right through the picture!”

Oscar adds, “Also, two years ago, I was the first to use the original Solaris Mozarts on a TV set. Since then, I’ve been adding more and more to my designs, and using them constantly.  Each season I find more uses for these super eye candies.  Like sparkling jewels, the compact Mozarts look great up close or at a distance en masse.  Recently, new Mozart FLR fixtures, with their 16 bright RGBW pixels, have added yet another new look to our designs.  I especially appreciate the Mozart fixtures’ ease of wiring, and compact, lightweight designs, which allow me the flexibility to place them almost anywhere.”

Oscar concludes, “Over the years TMB, with its Solaris range, has introduced a variety of unique and excellent fixtures that provide endless creative options.  I look forward to seeing what Solaris will come up with in 2019!”

Oscar Dominquez founded Darkfire Lighting Design in 2007 and his credits include numerous popular TV shows including The Voice; Word of Dance; Shark Tank; New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly; The Bachelor; The Bachelorette; Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader; I Can Do That; 500 Questions, and many more!  Learn more about Darkfire Lighting at


The new Solaris Flare Rayzr features the brightness, colors, and control options of the world-famous Flare, deployed in a dramatic, razor-thin, blade format.  Rayzrs are available in 50 and 100 cm lengths, with 18 or 36 10-watt RGBW Cree® LEDs respectively in 3-pixel groups.  A patent-pending PreSet Yoke™ with adjustable 15-degree indexing is standard.  Flexible mounting/joining options are available for scenery, truss, pipe, and floor.  Units can be seamlessly joined together, razor straight, end to end.  The joined units can be vertically hung in total lengths of up to 5 meters!  A 36° beam angle is standard, with 22°, 54°, and 70° options.  Flare fans everywhere will appreciate all the fabulous Flare features in this new, exciting format.

TMB is exclusive distributor for Solaris Lighting products.  Learn more about Solaris Flare Rayzr, Mozart, and other innovative products at



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