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The National Theater of Korea Celebrates 70 Years with Strand Lighting Upgrade

PLSN Staff • International NewsStage DirectionsTheater News • November 2, 2021

Seoul, South Korea—The National Theater of Korea has upgraded its dimming control to a range of products from Strand – a Signify entertainment lighting brand—to add functionality for its diverse range of luminaires.

A recent remodeling of the multi-theater complex saw a Strand EC21 Advanced Technology Dimmer Rack installed by Total Plus – the Vari-Lite and Strand distributor for Korea. Total Plus also deployed an EC21 Advanced Control Electronics Processor Assembly with Dual processor, an EC21 Dual 25A Powerthru Module 435us Dim/ND/Bypass, an EC21 Dual 25A 200us Single Pole module and a Dual 20A CD80SV Non-Dim C21-style module and housing.

The Strand EC21 Advanced Technology dimmer racks installed at the National Theater of Korea

“The theaters use a mixture of LED fixtures and conventional halogen lamps, and the Strand dimming curve helps to streamline such diverse equipment efficiently,” says SH Koo, Senior Lighting Designer of the National Theater of Korea. “Strand’s dimmer modules have wide-ranging functionality, which is an advantage over the market’s other offerings. Strand’s PowerThru module has the convenience of changing the mode by selecting Dim, Non-Dim, or Bypass. In my 35 years of experience, I think that Strand is the only dimmer able to withstand unfavorable conditions found in some venues.”

Established in 1950, the National Theater of Korea has evolved through a challenging past, moving from city to city during wartime and requiring national arts funding in order to survive. Today, it is a leading venue for Korea’s performing arts, carving out a path for future performance as past and present coexist with the help of world-class stage lighting.

Now based in the Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu area of Seoul, South Korea, the National Theater of Korea is the first nationally managed theater in all of Asia. To date, it has enjoyed a 40-year relationship with Strand, and over two decades worked closely with the same technical support staff in the highly knowledgeable Henry Shin, Signify Sales & Business Development Manager. As the illustrious institution celebrates 70 years of delivering the best in artistic performance, it turned to its trusted partner once again to add new technical capabilities.

“The National Theater of Korea has unlimited confidence in the safety of Strand lighting systems,” explains Shin. “I continue to provide sound advice when technical upgrades occur.”

The large theatrical complex houses a total of four unique theater spaces: The Haeoreum Grand Theater, the Daloreum Theater, the Byeloreum Studio, and the Haneul Round Theater. The National Theater of Korea welcomes all genres of live performances, including traditional Korean dancing, singing, theatrics, orchestral productions, operas, musicals, and plays.

Built on years of trust honed by Shin, who designed the recent upgrade and lighting specifications, the relationship between the theater and Strand continues to grow alongside its popularity as a cultural and artistic home. All four theaters use the new Strand dimmer systems, therefore maintaining compatibility and functionality throughout. The theaters are installed with lighting equipment that requires a dimmer/non-dimmer/bypass module and the solution was to utilize the Strand PowerThru module which maximizes end-user friendliness, providing control and power through the dimmer system.

Further information from Strand:

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