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Whirlwind Custom Power Link PLR Distro with PLMC Motor Control

PLSN Staff • Product News • February 11, 2021

NY – At Whirlwind, they can build just about anything. If you have a custom configuration you need for a project, contact them and find out how they can configure power distribution racks or motor controllers just the way you want it. With their DesignPRO 2.0 Software you can lay it out yourself from their racks and components, then they provide a price quote; or you can have them layout your desired system.

More details from Whirlwind (

Shown here is a custom Power Link PLR power distro with an integrated PLMC eight-channel motor controller. The PLMC D-Series controllers can be incorporated into any distro design and include integrated remote/jumper storage. Remote control is via XLR5 DMX cable and up to four 8-channel controllers can be linked—creating a 32-channel system.

Photo: Power Link PLR Distro with 8ch PLMC Motor Controller Whirlwind

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