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First Assembly of God Ministries Produces Cinematic Worship Telecasts/Streaming with Panasonic VariCam LT CineLive System

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • July 8, 2019

NEWARK, NJ – First Assembly of God, a Pentecostal ministry established 47 years ago in Fort Myers, FL, recently upgraded to Panasonic VariCam LT cameras with CineLive, as well as AW-UE150 4K/HD pan/tilt/zoom cameras, for live production of weekly worship services.

More details from Panasonic (

The cameras are also used to produce eight weekly television programs, one of which, “Celebration under the Silverdome,” airs nationally on the CTN network, which is carried on DirecTV and the Dish Network.

“Using technology to communicate has long been a high priority at First Assembly, and we understood that we needed to ‘contemporize’ our visual message,” said Tod Cole, Media Director, First Assembly Ministries. “Once we experienced the VariCam LT, with its unique signature look, we said to ourselves, ‘That’s the all-in-one solution we’re looking for.’”

First Assembly’s ministry reaches over 6,000 weekly attendees throughout its 25-acre campus, as well as a growing online and TV audience. Three weekend and one weekday service are streamed live on YouTube Live and Facebook Live, as well as on the church’s website ( The Panasonic cameras are likewise utilized for IMAG projection in First Assembly’s main sanctuary, and local television station WRXY-TV streams from the sanctuary for its ”Living as One” program. First Assembly archives its video feeds on Vimeo ( for residual viewing.

“In our search for new cameras, we knew we didn’t want a traditional CCD broadcast look, but something modern, with a full 35mm sensor, fiber capabilities, studio viewfinders and a form factor for lenses,” Cole said. “We found all that and more in the VariCam LT.”

Cole explained that three VariCam LTs are positioned throughout the church’s sanctuary, one on a jib, the second in the center, and the third placed at a right angle. One AW-UE150 PTZ is mounted high in the sanctuary to pan left to right for audience reactions, with a second placed on stage for extreme close-ups.

The VariCam LTs are outfitted with Fujinon Cabrio S35 lenses, including the ZK12x25 (25-300) and ZK3.5×85 (85-300) models.

Using a DTS fiber system, the VariCam LTs are connected to the control room, where they are connected to Panasonic AK-HRP1000 Remote Operating Panels. The VariCam LT and HRP1000 combination is referred to as CineLive, and allows complete control and shading of the camera from the control room. While the CineLive system is capable of internal recording and 4K output, First Assembly is mostly utilizing an HD output to interface with its 20’ by 20’ screens and live streaming services.

Cole said that, with 4K projector purchases imminent, he anticipates transitioning to UHD production within six months, and full 4K production within a year.

The VariCam LT features Panasonic’s pioneering Dual Native ISO technology for enhanced sensitivity. Cole noted, “When we’re shooting under full stage lights, we deploy ISO800 for an amazing look. In low light, we bump up to ISO5000. The ability to blur the depth of field is so eye-catching—the congregation’s response to the new production values has been, ‘How is this possibly the same church?’”

For more information about First Assembly of God, visit

About CineLive

The CineLive system is the unique combination of the VariCam LT Cinema Camera and the HRP1000 Remote Operating Panel.  Through an Ethernet connection, the HRP1000 interfaces with the VariCam LT to adjust the camera’s menus and imaging controls.  Production-style LUTs and CDLs can be used, or broadcast-style RGB controls for live grading.  Scene Files can be utilized for presets and quick switching of modes and looks, including switching between sensor frame rates for different looks.  The CineLive system allows multiple outputs from the VariCam camera so that the camera operator can view a display with focus tools while an engineer sees menu controls and a clean image is fed to a switcher for live output.  Equally at home in 4K or HD environments, the CineLive system can output in either resolution and also record a 4K or HD signal internally for later use.  The internal recording can be color graded to match the live output or left “flat” for later adjustment.  A 4K image can be recorded while an HD live signal is output, allowing for future archive use.  Remote record, tally, callback and return video features allow the engineer at the HRP1000 to communicate with the camera operator at the VariCam LT.



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