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Focus From Below and Create Color with Improved Lieto

PLSN Staff • News • November 22, 2019


OWATONNA, MINN.– The ability to focus from below on the award-winning Lieto LED light fixture is the newest innovation from Wenger Corporation to debut this year at LDI. Wenger will also preview the next step in lighting innovation showcasing Lieto with brilliant RGBW color options.

More details from Wenger (

“Our capabilities support the broadest array of product solutions in the industry with limitless options, integrated solutions, and unparalleled service and support,” says Chris Simpson, CEO of Wenger Corporation.

Experience these solutions and learn more by visiting Wenger and J.R. Clancy at booth #1729.

Lieto™ Light Fixture Improvements

The latest feature of the award-winning Wenger Lieto, the first LED light fixture specifically designed for use in full-stage acoustical shells, is a focus-from-below capability, making it easier to aim and adjust without tools.

“We’re excited to be able to showcase these features and preview the next big thing: the addition of vibrant RGBW colors to further enhance performances,” says Mark Ingalls, Acoustical Shell Product Manager.

Lieto is:

  • Bright – 12,000 lumens means fewer fixtures to illuminate the stage
  • Silent – No cooling fans, no buzzing, and no detectable RFI
  • Comfortable – LED technology means no produced UV, IR, and minimal heat
  • Energy efficient – Wattage is firmware selectable
  • Easy to adjust – Three-axis beam positioning provide tool-free pan, tilt, and rotation and focus-from-below capability
  • Pleasing – Lieto provides beautiful and even light with beamspread, color temperature, asymmetric beam, and glare control options

Lieto is available for order with Wenger’s Diva® and Maestro® full-stage acoustical shells. The option for RGBW will be available in early 2020.

Lighting Integration

Wenger continues to provide a single stop for acoustical, staging, rigging, motion control, and custom solutions. One of the latest offerings incorporates lighting, control, and networking integration with premier partners to enable Wenger and J.R. Clancy to provide customers with cutting-edge lighting solutions for performance spaces.

Premier lighting partners include ACT Lighting; Chauvet Lighting; Aquarii; Altman Lighting; Lex; Pathway Lighting; SSRC; LynTec; Batts AVL; Vari-Lite and Strand.

“We’ve carefully selected these lighting and control equipment manufacturers to provide comprehensive lighting, control, and networking solutions that work together seamlessly for easy installation, operation, and control,” says Mike Murphy, General Manager of Performing Arts at Wenger Corporation.

Other Wenger Corporation innovations showcased at this year’s LDI show include:

Titan Hoist®

The Titan is a high performance hoist for applications requiring large capacity, speed, and/or long travel. Titan is a customizable pre-engineered hoist. It is engineered and manufactured to specific requirements yet provides the economic benefits of a standard system. Titan’s high capacity and speeds make it ideal for demanding applications such as house curtains, lighting, scenery, and shell ceilings.


Convert your manual rigging sets to an automated system simply and economically with PowerAssist. A simple, pushbutton control station with reversing starter replaces the rope lock. PowerAssist can also be used with the full line of J.R. Clancy motion control consoles.



The patented FrontLoader front-loading arbor has eliminated rods and spreader plates of the conventional rod arbor and therefore also eliminated the awkward bending or climbing into the arbor well to load bricks. The shelves of the FrontLoader allow for neat, easy, and safe stacking of bricks from the loading gallery. Gallery safety rails do not interfere with the use of this arbor and so theatre-loading galleries may comply with building codes.


SceneControl® 12 motion control system

The new SceneControl 12 motion control system is the latest addition to the SceneControl line. Its 12-inch touch screen feature, ergonomic design, and portability allow operators to move around the stage and still view the equipment they’re moving overhead. SceneControl 12 can control up to 36 axes and includes a joystick for adjustable speed control.


SceneControl 12 is the latest model in the line. SceneControl 10, 12, 15, 24, and 24+ now come with enhanced features, including:

  • An Advanced Emergency Stop System
  • Load Sensing System
  • Management Capabilities
  • Multiple-User Logins

Diva® Full-Stage Acoustical Shell

Exceptional acoustics, beautiful aesthetics, and engineering expertise all combine to make Diva Acoustical Shells a centerpiece for any performing arts stage. Diva’s stunning acoustic capabilities create optimum on-stage sound and excellent sound projection to the audience.

Wenger | J.R. Clancy’s Performance Solutions at LDI

Stop by Wenger | J.R. Clancy booth #1729 during the show to see how Wenger and J.R. Clancy are providing whole-project solutions for performance space needs.

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