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Gahrens + Battermann adds EclPanel TWC to their inventory

PLSN Staff • International News • March 5, 2021
GERMANY – German rental company Gahrens + Battermann GmbH & Co. KG has been active in events and entertainment since 1983 by offering innovative technical solutions, having eight locations throughout Germany. Gahrens + Battermann has invested in numerous PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC recently, as part of a growth of inventory and business strategy.
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Dennis Rudolph, Head of the Lighting Technology Department, explained: “In terms of output and light quality, the PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC has completely convinced us. In addition, there are several points that make it stand out in my eyes compared to other product solutions. For example, the device has an integrated power supply and W-DMX, which is a great advantage in terms of mobility. In addition, the panels are in a black housing, which of course makes integration into sets etc. visually easier. All in all, I can say that all features are convincing and that the price-performance ratio is absolutely right. We are already using the devices in some industrial productions and in our own streaming studio in Cologne.”

The PROLIGHTS EclPanel TWC offers not only a wide range of colours, but also perfect white tones from warm to cold CCT, along with very good colour rendering values (CRI >94, TLCI >92).

In addition to controlling it via DMX, the EclPanel TWC also allows quick and precise adjustment directly on the device. The three control knobs provide direct access to colour temperature, +/- green and magenta shift, and HSI (Hue, Saturation, Intensity), among others. Furthermore, a mode is also available in which the device can be controlled segment by segment. Various pre-programmed and customizable effects can be called up directly on the device through its menu or via DMX. Thanks to the internal power supply, the optional battery operation and the compact dimensions, the EclPanel TWC can be easily operated at any location.

Photo: Andre Maier, Head of Product Management (left) and Dennis Rudolph, Head of Lighting Department (right). Text by Lightpower.

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