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Hatch Exhibits transfers from Custom Fabrication to Virtual Events

PLSN Staff • News • October 9, 2020


ELKRIDGE, MD  – “Hatch Exhibits was a custom fabrication company for trade shows and exhibits, they transitioned into manufacturing PPE gear when COVID hit and now we’re transitioning to virtual events.” says Joshua Watson, Operations Manager. “We’re offering a full service virtual event facility, with all aspects in house, scenic design and fabrication, streaming services, recording, lighting, audio, and video. “

More details from Hatch Exhibits (

“We had high expectations for 2020, we were developing solutions for really amazing clients.” In mid March those expectations were shattered and their worst case scenario became a reality.  Like so many others Hatch didn’t know what tomorrow was going to bring and made the painful decision to furlough their entire staff.

“We weren’t ready to give in. We took a breath and rolled up our sleeves. We did what we had always done, looked at the problem and developed solutions to make an impact. We brought in a small group and we got to work designing much needed protective equipment for our friends and loved ones. Then more of our team joined and soon we were all back working to make a difference.”

Hatch never stopped looking for opportunities to help their communities. They built a brand, they made first of its kind retail stores, and continued to build engaging experiences.

At their core they want to help people communicate and tell THEIR stories. “We’ve been working hard to create a space to do just that. Integrating set fabrication and print production, world class lighting and streaming capabilities along with digital marketing solutions to help you continue to tell your story.” Watson expands.

They started constructing the studios in August of this year and are located in Elkridge, MD.  Conveniently between Baltimore and DC. “We’re receiving rave reviews from all of the onsite meetings at the event space and we are starting to fill our calendar as we speak.  Please contact us to help you with your needs.”

Josh Watson

Operations Manager

Hatch Exhibits


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