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JTE Lightweight Roof System

PLSN Staff • Product News • February 24, 2020

KNOXVILLE – Kick off the season with a “seasoned” performer. You can count on JTE’s Lightweight Roof System (LWR) to provide the strength, reliability and safety you require for your upcoming small to medium-sized spring and summer events. It’s a proven performer that features 12” apex ladders and 48” ridge ladders to create up to 4’ peaks. In addition, it allows for up to 53’ spans and supports loads up to 8000 lbs., depending on the truss products used.

More details from JTE (
Start your season off right with the time proven design of the JTE Lightweight Roof System and see how much strength and stability “lightweight” can deliver.
Contact them at +1 (865) 219-3700 or for more information and a price quote.

Read more about the JTE Lightweight Roof System here. (

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