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MADRIX RADAR Premieres At ISE 2020       

PLSN Staff • Product News • February 11, 2020




AMSTERDAM – Introducing MADRIX RADAR. The team behind the award-winning lighting control software MADRIX 5 is proud to put their newest innovation into the hands of lighting  designers.

More details from Madrix (

All around the world, the most fascinating lighting projects come to life every day. While stunning to look at for any audience, these installations become ever more complex for everyone involved. We are introducing MADRIX RADAR to transform how such lighting systems can be configured, managed, and monitored.

Remote Device Management (RDM) creates a two-way communication for DMX lighting fixtures, letting them receive control instructions and also send back data. This technology is not new, but until now has not unfolded its full potential.

MADRIX RADAR is the comprehensive software to manage lighting projects smarter, configure fixtures remotely, and monitor sensor data automatically. Handling large amounts of fixtures in a single software application is very convenient and immediately becomes an indispensable tool. Configuring parameters for devices in the truss or on the media facade is an essential part of setting up a project, including the DMX start address or DMX personality. Not only is it possible with MADRIX RADAR to simply configure these important settings remotely, but you can do so extremely quickly with automatic fixture patching.

Once an installation is completed, the challenge is to keep it running. What if the voltage of a device drops below the required level? When will it be noticed? MADRIX RADAR provides fully automatic 24/7 device monitoring. And by checking the reported data, MADRIX RADAR creates actionable event reports that can automatically be e-mailed to you. That means you are always up to date.

MADRIX RADAR is a new kind of application that opens up entirely new possibilities for you and your clients. It allows you to provide unparalleled support for each project. And with its Big Data features, you can now even leverage the valuable information that a device’s parameter history can provide. This simply wasn’t possible before.

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ISE 2020

Come see MADRIX at ISE. Please join us on booth 9-A180 for hands-on presentations and to learn more about the powerful yet easy-to-use MADRIX range of software and hardware products.



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