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MicroNet Slim hardware for PHOENIX Showcontroller supported by new Showcontroller laser software

PLSN Staff • Product News • December 18, 2019


SWITZERLAND – The MicroNet Slim interface, a network laser interface specifically sold in combination with Phoenix Showcontroller software in the past, is compatible to the Showcontroller laser control software since the latest release from December 2019. The support for Phoenix software has been discontinued by the new owners many months ago.

The MicroNet Slim is the previous product to the ShowNET interface, which is current standard in most Laserworld, tarm and RTI laser systems.

More details from Laserworld (

The compatibility of the MicroNet Slim with the Showcontroller software makes it easy for former Phoenix Showcontroller users to move to a comparably easy to use laser control software without having to buy new interface hardware (DAC).

Showcontroller is a new laser control software with a similar user interface to Phoenix, so former Phoenix users can easily get going.

Showcontroller PLUS supports the MicroUSB V1 and the NetLase interface, further previous Phoenix Showcontroller digital-analog-converters, as well.

Get further details on compatible interfaces here:

The Showcontroller laser control software can be purchased here or at most specialized dealers:

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