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Morris Announces Major Rebranding for Installation Division

PLSN Staff • News • January 2, 2020

NASHVILLE, TN –  Morris Integration, the installation division of production rental company, Morris Light & Sound, has announced a major rebranding and renaming to reflect the permanent installation services they provide for their targeted church and corporate clients. Morris Integration will now be recognized as a stand-alone installation brand called InteRise.

More details from Morris (

Philip Hagood, General Manager at InteRise, formerly known as, Morris Integration, said, “Our name has changed but our team has not– we will continue to provide the same quality installation services and products that our partners have come to expect, and we are very excited for this new chapter of our growth.”

Team left to right: Ryan McElroy, Lead Installation Engineer – Philip Hagood, General Manager – Michael Casey, Relationship Manager – Wade Russell, Assistant General Manager – Ron Cochran, Senior Relationship Manager – Hunter Stewart, Audio-Visual Drafter – Paul Holst, Purchasing Manager & Designer – Josiah Harmon, Associate Project Manager – Collin Adams, Design Engineer – Jon Conant, Systems Programmer – Evan Wemp, Installation Engineer – Dustin Burggraaf, Lead Project Manager

Audio-Visual Drafter, Hunter Stewart creating a rendering for Grace Polaris Church’s renovation.

InteRise designs and builds world-class audio, video, lighting and acoustic systems in churches and corporate spaces using cohesive designs, industry-leading technologies and solid engineering. Their goal is to achieve customized solutions to fit the needs of each of their client’s visions and provide creative results that can be flexible to fit large and small budgets.

InteRise is currently in the midst of major audio, video and lighting renovations at Getwell Church-Hernando, Avon Park Lakes Baptist Church and Grace Polaris Church as well as many other continued partnerships through 2020. Projects completed over 2019 featured new builds, major renovations of worship centers and permanent installations at event venues, universities and museums that implemented audio, video, lighting design and more.

Shades Mountain Baptist Church, Birmingham AL, Renovation

The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s websites, logo, graphics, merchandise, communications and correspondences. InteRise’s new brand assets include a simplified, blue logo and icon, Audio-Visual Drafter, Hunter Stewart creating a rendering for  Grace Polaris Church’s renovation.

Installation Engineer, Evan Wemp, working on a shop build for an upcoming project. Shades Mountain Baptist Church, Birmingham AL, Renovation FishHawk Fellowship Church, Lithia FL,

New Build along with a new website and other visual communications that use simple, clear graphics to convey complex solutions in an understandable way. The InteRise logo is a combination of simple lines above and below the word mark, alluding to sound and motion. The broken border is inspired by Morris Light & Sound, tying the brands together without overlapping in appearance.

FishHawk Fellowship Church, Lithia FL, New Build

Zack Morris, Chief Operating Officer of Morris Light & Sound and InteRise states, “With this launch, we are further differentiating our divisions, assets and strategies behind clear, clean and revitalized brands that better speak to our projects and our customer bases. As Morris Light & Sound and InteRise have grown, they have developed unique business models, structures and teams. To have these as separate brands is a testament to the teams and their passion for what they do. We’re incredibly excited about the potential of what’s to come.”

InteRise is still under the Morris umbrella as an independent brand and will work alongside Morris Light & Sound as the permanent installation wing of the company.

About InteRise: At its core, InteRise is here to partner in impacting people by creating customized designs and builds with world-class audio, video, lighting and acoustic systems for churches and corporate spaces. InteRise believes it is their responsibility to steward the client’s process with excellent service, straightforward communications, and passionate team members, and no matter what, they do the right thing. For more information, visit and follow on social media @InteRiseSolutions.

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