Notch levels the playing field with ‘buy as you need’ Playback offering and more affordable perpetual licenses

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • October 14, 2019

UK – Notch is now offering the following:

*Flexibility for users to access Playback when they need it – for just ​£50 per w​eek

*New Perpetual HD and 4K Playback options offering new levels of affordability

*Giving every industry professional access to Notch’s powerful content playback

Notch​,​ ​the visual creation tool for interactive motion graphics​, has today increased the accessibility of Playback, its stand-alone Notch content playback license. Users can now access a flexible weekly license, as well as new, more affordable, HD and 4K perpetual licenses.

More details from Notch (http://www.notch.one):

Weekly Playback Leasing

By reducing the minimal financial commitment ​to just £50 per week​, Notch content playback is now available to every industry professional, regardless of their size or set-up. The new weekly offering means all Notch users now have access to the same tools and interactive elements as the wider industry.

New: HD & 4K Perpetual Playback

From fixed installations to art pieces, Notch content is used to enable incredible real-time visual, interactive experiences. The new perpetual Playback license pricing model enables users to design affordable pieces for entirely new venues. Available from just ​£500 (for HD content) and £995 (for 4K content), the new perpetual licenses open more creative avenues for Notch users.

From touring to installations

Brett Bolton​ is an experienced motion designer who has worked on live shows with artists such as U2, The Rolling Stones, Bruno Mars, N.E.R.D. and Blink 182. He has been testing the new license model and comments:

“During my live touring work, Notch has enabled me to make the switch from a general motion designer to a specialised Notch designer. I’m excited to take the Notch skills I acquired in the live touring world and use them on smaller screens and installations for more intimate and personal projects. This new pricing opens up a whole new venue for Notch use.”

Matt Swoboda, founder of Notch, comments:​ ​

“We’re committed to supporting our users as they progress and push boundaries. By scaling the minimum leasing commitment down to just one week we’re truly democratising Notch usage. Delivering real-time playback to every possible user in every possible setting really levels the playing field amongst emerging talent and smaller teams. This is incredibly powerful as it puts the emphasis back on creative abilities and the next generation of industry professionals.”

Sarah Cox, VP of Sales at Notch, says:​ ​

“Notch Playback enables artists and designers to fuel their creativity. By definition, creatives don’t always fit into neat subscription boxes! Our goal is to make sure the creative community we’re such an active part of has access to the tools that can keep up with their best ideas.”

A complete list of Playback’s features and prices, including license terms, updates and support can be found ​here​. https://www.notch.one/for-live/

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