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NovaPro UHD – The Most Advanced Ever 3-in-1 functionality, capable of doing it all

PLSN Staff • Product News • March 20, 2020

LAS VEGAS – NovaPro UHD is NovaStar’s 3-in-1 functionality, not only a 4K controller but also a switcher, with built-in configuration software. The NovaPro UHD combines multiple advanced technologies, allowing you to connect just a single display to realize total control over high-end rental applications and more. It’s an extremely user-friendly experience that adds value to your display.

More details from Novastar (

Ultimate flexibility

  1. Inputs: 4x 12G SDI loop, 1x DP1.2, 1x HDMI2.0 loop, 4x HDMI1.3
  2. Outputs:16x Ethernet, 4x 10G Optical with copy or hot backup mode, 1x MVR and 1x Aux
  3. Features 1x modular input card with 4 outputs. Can choose DVI/HDMI (HDMI default)


4K+HDR = Outstanding Picture

  1. Supports 4K x 2K @60Hz Ultra-HD output, with maximum height and maximum single-unit output height or width of 8K
  2. Total loading capacity of 8.8 million pixels
  3. Internal 10bit and 12bit processing
  4. Supports HDR (High Dynamic Range), bringing the image to life
  5. Supports 2 4K x 2K, 4 1080P, OSD, LOGO, BKG, and irregular layers
  6. Supports multiple seamless switching effects, ensuring a more dynamic result

Fast and efficient, designed with simplicity in mind

  1. Built-in Configuration Software
  2. Computer software not needed. Users are able to configure the LED wall by connecting a mouse and LCD monitor
  3. Supports variety of 4K inputs, 12G SDI*4, DP1.2, HDMI2.0 inputs.
  4. 1 x Input card slot, supports HDMI, SDI, DVI
  5. Smart cabinet mapping and advanced mapping

Essential tools for creativity

  1. Supports 6 layers: Two 4K x 2K, four 2K x 1K plus OSD, LOGO, BKG, and irregular layers, with layer scaling. OSD supports dynamic and static images, capture, opacity, and position adjustment
  2. Support shaped layers, layer mask, layer superposition, layer copy, layer mirror, layer flip, and layer priority adjustment
  3. Multiple 4K inputs and customizable input selection. Supports variety of 4K inputs, including 12G SDI*4, DP1.2, and HDMI2.0 inputs.

Multiple safeguards, ensuring stability

  1. Supports Multi Viewer preview
  2. Features integrated 4K sending, 4x 10G optical outputs with backup and redundancy modes
  3. Redundant power supply, ensuring uninterrupted operation

Breaking barriers with outstanding features:

  1. Features Genlock
  2. Supports variety of input source bit depths, all processed at 12bit


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