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ADJ Jolt 300 LED Strobe/Blinder/Wash Fixture

PLSN Staff • Product News • January 22, 2020

LOS ANGELES – ADJ is pleased to announce that the Jolt 300 multi-functional LED-powered strobe fixture is now shipping. Featuring a distinctive arrangement that comprises a central strip of cool white LEDs which is surrounded on both sides by arrays of multi-colored RGB LEDs, the Jolt 300 provides lighting designers with a wealth of creative potential. Ideal for installation in nightclubs and concert venues, as well as for use on touring productions, festivals and one-off events, it allows both strikingly bright white strobe effects and vibrant color washes from the same compact fixture.

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The Jolt 300’s central white strobe section is made up from 72 x 0.5W SMD LEDs, which, when lit together, generate a startlingly-bright blaze of light that can be used as a mesmerizing strobe or stunning blinder. While extremely effective when used as a single strobe, the LEDs are also arranged into three independently-controllable zones which allows for strobe chase effects to be created. These can be particularly effective when multiple fixtures are integrated into a lighting design positioned in a line and chase patterns are programmed to move from side-to-side across all of the units.

144 x 0.5W RGB SMD LEDs provide the color-washing element of the Jolt 300 effect, which are also arranged into three independently-controllable zones split above and below the white LED segments. The red, blue and green elements of these LEDs can be smoothly mixed to allow the creation of a wide gamut of vibrant colors. These can be used for static washing or to create ‘eye candy’ chase effects. The colored LEDs also offer variable-speed strobing, which allows the unit to create colored, as well as white, strobe effects.



With an extremely wide beam-angle of 120-degrees, the Jolt 300 is capable of blasting its cool white or vibrant colored light right across a venue or stage. Despite its dazzling output, the use of LED technology means that the unit’s maximum power draw is only 226W. Meanwhile, with an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, the LED light source removes the risk of a blown lamp impacting a performance as well as the cost and inconvenience of lamp replacement.

The fixture offers a choice of six different DMX channel modes (4, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18), which allow everything from basic color washing / strobing to full control of the unit’s six individual LED zones. To aid with quick and effective programming, the unit also offers 64 built-in color macros as well as 32 preset chase programs. This allows the creation of complex ‘eye candy’ effects from the touch of a button, with no advanced programming required. To ensure its suitability for a wide range of projects, the fixture also offers a choice of six preset dimming modes and adjustable dimmer speed control (0.1~10 seconds). It also offers variable LED refresh rates (900~25kHz), to prevent flickering when the fixture is captured on camera, as well as Adjustable Gamma Settings (1.0-2.8).

An LCD display screen with four-button menu interface allows for easy and intuitive mode selection and DMX addressing, while the unit is also compatible with ADJ’s UC IR for simple wireless remote control. A USB port allows for simple future firmware updates, while the inclusion of both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX input and output sockets ensure compatibility with any existing DMX setup. A twist-locking power input socket ensures that the connection can’t become accidentally disconnected, while a matching output socket allows the power supply for multiple units to be daisy-chained together.


The unit is fitted with a variable angle yoke that secures firmly in place using a pair of large thumb-locking screws. Alternatively, the yoke can be removed and the supplied Omega bracket attached directly to the back of the unit. This mounting option allows multiple fixtures to be rigged side-by-side for a seamless flow from one unit to the next.

With a robust metal construction, the Jolt 300 is designed for professional installation as well as touring and event production applications. Despite its sturdy shell, the unit weighs only 8.5 lbs. / 3.8kg and is therefore convenient to store, transport, lift, carry and rig. Its compact dimensions of 16” x 7” x 5.25” / 405mm x 175mm x 130mm (L x W x H), make it easy to accommodate on even the busiest of trusses, while its potent output will hold its own when used alongside all of the other fixture types that make up a modern lighting rig.

“While all of our range of professional LED-powered lighting fixtures offer some form of strobe functionality,” explains ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales, “we are excited to be adding a dedicated high-output LED strobe unit to our product catalog. During our conversations with lighting designers and production professionals, many of them told us that they still have a need for a strobe fixture. So we set ourselves the task of designing one that not only generates a traditional strobe look but utilizes LED technology to add additional artistic options to a designer’s lighting toolkit.”

Offering powerful white strobe and blinder effects, as well as multi-colored wash, strobe and eye-candy functionality, the Jolt 300 is a truly versatile fixture. This, combined with its flexible mounting options and comprehensive DMX profiles, make it a professional lighting tool that is brimming with creative potential.

To find out more about the ADJ Jolt 300, visit:




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