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One Stage, Five Ways: Why Portable Staging is a Wise Investment

PLSN Staff • News • June 5, 2020


MINNEAPOLIS – Who doesn’t appreciate smart investment advice? Well, here’s an insider tip from the experts at Staging Concepts, a leading provider of portable staging solutions and equipment. When it comes to staging, venues such as resorts, hotels and universities that host multiple events each year can benefit from investing in a custom set of staging components rather than renting equipment for every occasion.

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“To accommodate the varying demands of hotel guests or student activities, portable staging components can prove a wise investment,” notes Cindy Albrecht, director of sales and marketing for Staging Concepts. “With a quality set of essentials, a venue can accommodate virtually any staging need.”

Consider this – with a core set of portable platforms, bridge supports, guardrails and stairs, staging can be created for any of the following purposes:


Az State University

From hosting keynote speakers to commencement ceremonies, portable components provide flexibility to customize staging areas with ease. Arizona State University (ASU) hosts a number of events each year across its campus. To maximize the time and money spent on staging-related equipment and labor, the university purchased a large portable staging solution from Staging Concepts. The 40’ x 40’ system includes 100 SC90® platforms, 72 SC9600 bridge supports, 30 IBC guardrails, four adjustable stair units and corresponding storage carts. Versatile, durable and easy to transport, these core components are repurposed throughout the year to accommodate the ever-changing demands of the student community. Not only does this save on rental costs but storing equipment on campus means stages can be quickly and efficiently set up saving both time and worry.


Media Events

University of South Dakota

Events that attract media or camera crews require elevated platforms to provide unobstructed sightlines for optimal viewing. With portable staging components, almost any space can be set up for A/V access. At the University of South Dakota Vermillion, Staging Concepts’ SC90 platforms, supports and railing are used to create “media stations” to accommodate camera operators and designated press personnel on game days and for other newsworthy events.

Concerts/Live Performances

Mission Ballroom

From happy hour bands to high-profile headliners, portable staging elements allow venues to easily expand the scale of a performance or presentation space. Staging Concepts’ flexible components were used to create an innovative mobile stage for Denver’s new Mission Ballroom live entertainment venue. The rolling stage consists of a support structure on casters topped with SC90 platforms. The system can be expanded with added platforms to create a larger stage area or made smaller for more intimate performances. When not in use, the support frames serve as a convenient deck storage.

Staging Concepts also worked with The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to create an elevated space for a world premier exhibit. SC90 platforms, bridge supports, and IBC guardrails were combined to create a free-standing mezzanine that complied with all New York City building codes and welcomed more than a half-million visitors during the exhibition’s three-month showing. While serving its initial purpose for the duration of the pop-up exhibit, this same staging continues to be used year-round for other presentations and special events.

Outdoor Receptions

Portable staging components also can be used to create a level surface over uneven or sunken ground for outdoor receptions and events. Additionally, they can elevate an environment – both figuratively and literally. To create an unparalleled experience for guests at the Wynn Las Vegas’ XS Nightclub, Staging Concepts utilized its SC90 platforms and bridge supports, yet again, to create staging custom designed to perfectly install over the hotel’s outdoor pool to provide a smooth, sturdy surface for performers and guests. The cover system can be quickly set up and taken down so, by day, the pool is available to guests for swimming and refreshment, and then easily transformed into the popular Surrender Nightclub offering a truly unique “walking on water” experience for guests.

ADA Accessibility

Spaces within education and hospitality settings must be inclusive and strive to deliver the same experience for all, regardless of ability. Due to their versatility, SC90 platforms and supports can easily be combined with wheelchair ramps and continuous handrail to make facilities more accessible and comfortable for ADA patrons. Staging Concepts had the privilege of being part of a renovation at the University of Nevada’s Thomas and Mack Arena, where we created an accessible viewing area overlooking the court for wheelchair-bound fans. Existing seats were removed and replaced with SC90 platforms combined with ADA ramps and counter-height railing with VIP drink rail.

“The hospitality and education industries serve extremely diverse communities and host hundreds of different types of events each year,” explained Albrecht. “Owning a customized set of quality staging components gives these venues a sense of comfort and control over at least one aspect of an arena filled with variables. While the initial investment in purchasing staging equipment can seem daunting, the return on that investment is quickly realized in terms of convenience, time savings and peace of mind.”

For more information about portable staging components, call 800.337.5339 or email To learn more about Staging Concepts, visit


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