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Panasonic AW-RP60GJ Remote Camera Controller

PLSN Staff • Product News • October 10, 2019

NEWARK, NJ – Panasonic has announced the AW-RP60GJ, a compact, hardware-based controller for the company’s complete line of professional pan/tilt/zoom remote cameras.
More details from Panasonic (
The AW-RP60GJ is equipped with a 3.5-inch QHD 960 x 540 color LCD monitor to display a GUI menu screen with clear visibility, along with key camera information such as iris, zoom and focus. A larger, improved joystick facilitates comfortable pan/tilt operation, and supports up to 200 IP cameras, or up to five cameras connected via RS422. The AW-RP60GJ is capable of supporting up to 200 PTZ cameras in 20 groups, can manage up to 100 camera presets and comes with PoE support allowing for easy, single-cable integration.
These versatile features make the AW-RP60GJ ideal for use in a wide range of environments, from lectures and corporate seminars to live streaming and broadcasting as well as amusement facilities.
The new controller features four user assignable buttons, to which up to eight functions (two of a user’s choice) can be assigned. Each preset name can also be customized with a PC tool. Registration of the camera angle and other remote camera settings allows for ease in recalling those presets. The movement speed and play back of the preset can be adjusted. Information that can be captured via preset includes pan/tilt position, focus position, white balance settings, crop position coordinates, zoom position, lens aperture (manual iris only) and gain.
The AW-RP60GJ will be available this month with a suggested list price of $2,375.
For more information about the AW-RP60, visit

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