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QueueSight™ AR Social Distancing Tool Maps the Space Around You in Queue Maintains a safe Covid-19 social distance

PLSN Staff • Product News • August 3, 2020

ORLANDO, FLA. – It’s called QueueSight™. Here’s how it works: An overhead sensor can detect and track the distance between two or more people. When they get too close, projected green light on the surrounding floor changes to red, alerting individuals to their proximity to others. Sort of like a traffic signal. Watch the video demonstration HERE

“The system smoothly tracks each individual through the space and provides visual feedback about their distance from other guests, letting them know when they are getting too close, while watching their patterns to recognize groups that are sticking together,” said Joseph White, owner of Crafted Design, who developed the technology. “It’s a means of allowing an owner/operator of an establishment to help their patrons self-supervise responsible distancing.”

More details found here (

QueueSight™ comes into the market as companies continue to use makeshift and temporary Covid-19 safety systems, like putting up caution tape or stickers.

“QueueSight is built on a visual engine, and the projected rectangular and circular graphics shown in our demo showcase the system’s basic functionality. Each installation is customizable with graphics, videos, and other content unique to each client and application,” explained Natalie Concours, lead engineer on the project. The projection can be rings, blocks of color, logos, arrows, captions, etc.

The technology can be used virtually anywhere that has a queue, including airports, theme parks, retail, restaurants, cruise lines, stadiums, and casinos. Brands can attach their advertising messaging and logos to the projected imagery on the ground that moves with the queue.

“We initially designed this with queuing in mind. As we worked through the logistics of making a good and safe experience, it became clear that this type of visual feedback works well in open spaces as well. For example, it can maximize the use and the safety of slot machines just as easily as the casual queues that form for a soda fountain,” added White.

Crafted Design of Orlando, Florida, created QueueSight™ in conjunction with several themed entertainment industry experts and has a working prototype of the product. The company has filed patents on the technology and is pursuing joint ventures in multiple countries, including the United States.



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