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Robert Juliat strengthens collaboration with ETC

PLSN Staff • International News • November 21, 2019


FRANCE – Having been the first manufacturer, in 2016, to collaborate directly with ETC in having its award-winning 8-colour Dalis 860 cyclight fully calibrated with the Eos® family of lighting desks, Robert Juliat is now proud to strengthen that collaboration with an extension of those capabilities. With immediate effect, the same color control possibilities are now available for Dalis Access 863 Cyclight and Dalis 864 Footlight. Operators and lighting designers will benefit from the ease and transparency of using Eos® consoles to gain full, precise control of the complete Dalis color spectrum, including a wide array of whites, across all three models.

More details from RJ (

Dalis Access 863 is a 150W LED cyclight designed to give those with smaller budgets the first access to Dalis technology. Sharing all the technology of the original Dalis 860 Cyclorama fixture, Dalis Access 863 has just four colors and 24 of RJ’s patented Dalis asymmetrical micro-reflectors, but otherwise all the functionality and quality of the original, at a fraction of the price.

Dalis 864 Footlight is a 150W color variation of the original Dalis 862 tunable white footlight, designed for the creation of colorful upstage or downstage lighting. A 75W, half-length (50cm) option, Dalis 864S, is also available for more accurate lighting of curved or compact spaces.

Both fixtures feature a 4-colour mixing system of red, green, royal blue and warm white LED sources calibrated at 2200K which can now be finely and precisely controlled by Eos consoles, along with a wide array of whites with very high CRI. Lighting designers can harness the full power of the Eos family desks and easily select and calibrate any color they wish – by whatever method they prefer. They can synchronize their Dalis fixtures to a precise color, or match any manufacturer’s gel palette, and rapidly fine tune and modify the color spectrum at will.

ETC has carried out extensive research to decode color specifications and calibrate them with their lighting desks. Using the same calibration process with in-house analysis of Dalis’ LED colors, Robert Juliat’s Access cyclight and color Footlight now also benefit from this color analysis and precise control. The result is the creation of a dedicated fixture library which will cover Dalis 860, Dalis Access 863 and Dalis 864 and 864S Footlights.



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