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Schnick-Schnack-Systems names ACIDEO Distributions as Canadian Distributor

PLSN Staff • News • December 4, 2019

Pictured here, from left, are Solveig Busler, Member of the Executive Board at Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH; and André Girard, Founding Partner of Acideo Distributions Inc.

LAS VEGAS – Schnick-Schnack-Systems have announced the appointment of a new distribution partnership in Canada. At this year’s LDI Show, ACIDEO Distributions has been named as its new, exclusive distributor.

More details from Schnick-Schnack-Systems (

Besides offering technical expertise and a well chosen product portfolio, Schnick-Schnack-Systems particularly values ACIDEO’s customer orientation as well as the access to the growing markets for the entertainment industry in Canada.

“We are happy to work with ACIDEO Distributions as they are familiar with high quality products made in Germany. Their way of customer service and their values are very close to ours. ” said Schnick-Schnack-Systems Member of the Executive Board Solveig Busler. “This collaboration is based on both the company’s enthusiasm to drive growth and extend relationships with its customers. With their extensive experience in the industry, we believe that ACIDEO Distribution is perfectly qualified to fulfill our customers’ expectations.”

Coby Melnick, Founding Partner at ACIDEO Distributions, said: “For 10 years, Acideo has chosen clever, durable product to promote and service. We are now proud and excited to include Schnick-Schnack-Systems amongst our offerings. We look forward to a great journey with Schnick-Schnack-Systems based on high-quality products such as the M-Dots and the D-Series, not only for Entertainment but also for Installations and Architectural Applications.”.

More details from Acideo (

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