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Service announcement for PIXERA users and PIXERA demo users

PLSN Staff • Product News • January 28, 2020


ATLANTA  – From February 2020 onwards, Windows 10 will be used for the entire PIXERA server product line. In addition to the latest security updates,  PIXERA servers with Windows 10 will also be delivered with many pre-installed tools and drivers. To make this process easier for you, we offer you a new toolset, called the PIXERA Hub, which will replace the functionalities of the old Engine GUI.

More details from AVStumpfl (

The PIXERA Hub also adds new utilities such as the Autostart Manager, a helpful overlay, the PIXERA Version Selector, and many more tools that will help ensure a straightforward workflow.

We also implemented shortcuts that make it easier to work with multiple monitors. With the Version Selector, you can select the global PIXERA Version that will be used with links and file associations. A free download of the PIXERA Hub will be available to all of our customers later this year and will be released with free functional updates in the future.

We tested and approved Windows 10 a long time before we decided to start delivering it to our customers. The first product in this process was the PIXERA mini server, which was exclusively available with Windows 10 since the official product launch. As we do not offer a sync board for the PIXERA mini, we were able to use Windows 10 earlier with this product. Our Windows 10 test results showed, that a sync board is no longer necessary to play synchronously on all graphic card outputs on a single system. We can also guarantee absolute synchronicity with setups that require a sync board across multiple servers.

The actual installation of the Windows 10 operating system works by using a USB-Stick. All necessary drivers and software packs will be installed automatically. This allows e.g. rental customers to reset their system quickly after each use. In a future update, we will also offer the possibility to capture and restore the operating state.

With our new and customized Windows 10 systems, we are choosing a technological path that will not only provide our customers with future security updates, we are also offering them more freedom on their media servers in conjunction with utilities that facilitate a better workflow.

If you have purchased a PIXERA server with Windows 7 and would like to switch to the new operating system, please contact our sales team for an update offer.

Should you have any additional questions related to technical matters, please contact:

Should you have PIXERA sales related questions, please contact:


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