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SGPS/Showrig Launches New Website

PLSN Staff • News • July 28, 2020


LOS ANGELES – SGPS/Showrig, Inc. has launched a new website at showcasing some of their innovative solutions from over the past 50 years for the multiple markets it serves. The new website shows off services SGPS/Showrig is well known for providing like the hundreds of off-the-shelf products with a proven track record of reliability.

More  details from SGPS  (

Or if you’re looking for something brand new, new site mentions that they have, “a custom fabrication department to make any design a reality.” Additionally, they offer an equally expansive library of automation equipment with the software and technicians to safely operate the equipment which there are some great videos of on the site. The updated website show SGPS/Showrig has an aptitude for providing planning and design support, rigging, staging, custom fabrication, automation, and support.

“SGPS has grown substantially over the years based mainly on osmosis/word of mouth, we  believe that if we do a good job for our clients, at a fair price, and support them through thick and thin, deal with the Oh-by-the-Ways and generally insure that their projects are successful  then not only will they return but they will also recommend us to their friends and associates.” -Eric Pearce, President/CEO of SGPS, Inc.

The word of mouth recommendations that Eric describes has allowed SGPS/Showrig grow toseven different locations and serve multiple markets. The new website shows highlights from the many industries they serve from concert touring, film and television productions, live corporate events, and theatrical sales permanent installations. SGPS/Showrig is always  innovating and excited to work on new thing, which is apparent from their recently launched website. So even if you don’t see your industry mentioned it is worth contacting them to see if they can help.

“So historically we have not been big on self-promotion, but during these quite times we were finally able to pay some attention to insuring that our web presents was at least up to date and show a small sampling of not only the kind of services we provide but also the range of markets that we service,” says Eric Pearce. Through pictures and videos, the new website speaks volumes to the wide breath of capabilities the humble SGPS/Showrig has. is worth a visit.

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