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Software Update: Hippotizer 4.5.2

PLSN Staff • Projection Connection News • November 19, 2019


LAS VEGAS – Hippotizer 4.5.2 is an improvement release for V4 and V4+. This version builds on 4.5.1, including fixing a few key issues and adding functionality in SHAPE’s new 3D output management workflow. Every Hippotizer V4 and V4+ can install 4.5.2: the software Assurance release date is 28-Feb-2019.

More details from Green Hippo (

Functionality improvements in 4.5.2:

Sprite Mix ode now fades through transparent instead of blank when using crossfade on layer.

New contrast fader on the Color Trafo effect.

Added level controls for each texture input into SHAPE.

Added the ability for pin selectors to show only the local host to speed up loading in larger systems.

4.5.2 fixes the following reported issues in 4.5.1:

PoKeys external I/O now working in Multicontroller.

Improved Zookeeper speed and stability in larger networked systems.

Host status now updates after configuring or importing components.

Thank you for using Hippotizer!

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Hippotizer is continuously being developed and improved; please read these notes carefully to understand the changes and limitations with each version.

Release Notes

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