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ETC Source 4WRD II

PLSN Staff • Product News • March 4, 2020


MIDDLETON, WI – With an even more impressive lumen-per-watt output, Source 4WRD II is the next generation of ETC’s Source 4WRD LED. This fixture is available in both warm and cool white arrays and now in both 120 and 230 V.

More details from ETC (

The warm white (3200 K) 80CRI and 90CRI (Gallery) arrays are ideal for theatres and other venues where tungsten fixtures have been the favorite for years. While the cool white (5900 K) 90CRI (Daylight Gallery) array is ideal for industrial trade shows and other live events where the coolest and brightest white light is desired.

Both arrays are available in four different form factors including Source 4WRD Spot, PAR, PARNel, and a non-destructive LED retrofit for your existing Source Four spot fixtures.

The Source 4WRD PAR and Source 4WRD PARNel fixtures embrace the benefits of LEDs with more than 1000 lumens of output. All existing Source Four PAR lenses and accessories are compatible with these LED fixtures. Featuring a patented wave-lens design and easy focusing knob, the Source 4WRD PARNel lets you quickly access a range of 25º-45º – a smooth, soft, symmetrical field that you can spot or flood as needed.

If you have Source Four incandescent fixtures in your inventory and want to retrofit them to LED, Source 4WRD is your best option. Source 4WRD reuses 89% of the existing fixture, considerably reduces power consumption, and eliminates the need for relamping. Use all existing Source Four accessories on the full Source 4WRD fixtures.

Source 4WRD is as bright, or in many cases, brighter than your long life HPL lamps, but at a fraction of the power draw. And with an L70 rating of 45,000 hours, these fixtures will be around for years.

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