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Textbook For Live Entertainment Screens Production Out November 11

PLSN Staff • News • November 5, 2019

USA – Best Practices for Defining a Content Delivery Specification, Advanced study for Screens Producers, Content Designers and Media Server Programmers working in Screens Production Design are all discussed in depth in this latest book by Laura Frank.

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Laura Frank, founder of Luminous FX and Screens Producer with over 25 years experience in entertainment technology, outlines a comprehensive workflow for the content creation and screens production community. Her textbook, Screens Producing & Media Operations:Advanced Practice for Media Server and Video Content Preparation , documents the video file production process for managing complex multi-screen entertainment designs. Whether there is one video screen or eighty in a set, a thoughtfully prepared content delivery specification is critical for a smooth rehearsal process and efficient media server programming. This textbook defines best practices based on years of shows, working with many content design teams.

Media servers have established themselves as the dominant video playback tool for live events; however, the practice of delivering content to these systems and the structure of the media operations team is still evolving. This book outlines a workflow for video content delivery and describes team communication that can be applied to any entertainment production and is designed to evolve with future technologies as they become established in the field. This work also provides insights beneficial to students and current practitioners of media server technology, screens producers, and video content developers. Additional content, including full-color versions of the images, is available online.

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