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The American Society of Theatre Consultants Announces New Members 2019

PLSN Staff • News • October 21, 2019


NYC –  Three Theatre Consultants have been accepted into membership of the American Society of Theatre Consultants (ASTC).   Members reviewed the applications as part of a recent online membership meeting, and the Board later approved all three applicants unanimously.

More details from ASTC (

Patrick Barrett, ASTC is a Senior Theatre Specialist at DLR Group in their New York City office.

Joe Chapman, ASTC is a Senior Theatre and Lighting Designer at Arup, working from the New York City office.

David Vieira, ASTC is a Senior Consultant at Wrightson Johnson Haddon Williams, Inc. (WJHW) in San Antonio, TX.

Members are required to demonstrate experience on multiple projects, that their income is principally as a consultant, and that they are not affiliated with any manufacturer or dealer organization.  A complete list of members and their contact information is available on the ASTC website:


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