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Whirlwind Power Link TLP Line Cord Testers

PLSN Staff • Product News • November 26, 2019


NY – Recently launched at LDI 2019, the Whirlwind Power Link TLP (Tester Line Pcon) line cord tester is a dedicated test device for Neutrik Powercon three wire power cords. It’s a battery-powered continuity tester that conveniently verify the condition of power cables that are difficult to test without applying dangerous line voltage. Each of the three conductors is tested for continuity, shorts, and incorrect connections.

More details from Whirlwind (

Testing cables is as easy as plugging them in. The TLP has three green and one red LED that indicate correct wiring or any fault conditions. Operation is hands-free; there are no buttons to push or knobs to turn. A properly wired line cord will show all three green LEDs illuminated. The earth LED light comes on before the Neutral and Line LEDs to confirm the Earth connection making first and breaking last. The Whirlwind TLP is powered by a single 9V battery located inside the unit. A battery test button is provided to confirm that the battery is capable of properly testing cables. The Earth LED illuminates when the Battery Test button is pushed, and the battery is good. Also launched is the TLT (Tester Line-True) for True-One® three wire power cords.

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