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Whirlwind PLMC Motor Controller and SKB Series Rolling Case

PLSN Staff • Product News • January 5, 2020

The PLMC-SKB Series from Whirlwind consists of one of its Power Link PLMC Motor Controller series mounted in a waterproof SKB series rolling case, which promises the ultimate in portability and weatherproof protection. Now users can have their Whirlwind PLMC motor controller in an easy to transport, waterproof case. (Of course, the SKB case is only truly waterproof when closed and latched.) There are a variety of configurations and choices of remote controllers. With the PLMC-SKB Series, users get all the features of Whirlwind’s traditional PLMC motor controllers in a small, portable, weatherproof solution.

For more info from Whirlwind, go to:


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