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Who Designs & Directs in LORT Theatres Survey

PLSN Staff • News • July 10, 2020


NYC – This form is to collect demographic information on individuals who work in LORT theatres as designers, directors, and artistic directors from the 2012-13 theatre season forward. This information will help give a more complete picture of who is working in LORT theatres and who continues to be underrepresented. The goal of this survey is have enough self identified demographic data to present statistics, with the hope of expanding the report to include race/ethnicity this year (2020), and other social identity aspects within the next few years. All information will be kept strictly confidential and securely, to HIPAA standards. This survey is voluntary and you may stop at any time while taking the survey. All information gathered will only be used and presented in aggregate, large enough so no individual could be identified. Last year’s article can be found HERE.

To participate in the survey, click the link below.

***This survey is not originated from PLSN. We are simply sharing the news  for  a  friend.

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