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4Wall, Feldman Light TV’s “The Young Turks”

PLSN Staff • News • March 14, 2012

Culver City, CA – The “Rebel Headquarters” of The Young Turks television show is not exactly an easy space for a lighting designer to create a conventional grid. LD Dave Feldman, tasked with lighting the webisode and TV episodes, chose lighting gear from 4Wall Entertainment Los Angeles for his 360-degree set filming.
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Culver City, CA- The “Rebel Headquarters” of The Young Turks television show is a far cry from your normal television studio.  The existing room is a loft that features curved ceilings, large windows and a glass wall.  Not exactly an easy space for a lighting designer to create a conventional grid.

Tasked with lighting and set design for both online webisodes and television episodes, Dave Feldman of Feldman Designs has come to appreciate the space and its role in The Young Turks, a political and pop culture commentary led by Cenk Uygar. 

“Being unable to do any sort of conventional rigging, we actually installed pipe through the joists and suspending pipes where we needed them to hang fixtures.  We also dealt with large windows and the havoc daylight can play with lighting a live TV show.  In the end, though, the challenges we faced helped us create a unique look,” said Feldman.

To create the look, Feldman chose gear from 4Wall Entertainment Los Angeles.  Coemar Parlite LED fixtures are used to uplight the set’s faux steel beams, while ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals with gobos provide texture.  Meanwhile, more than 50 Elation TVL 2000 LED Panel lights light the space to allow 360 degree filming.

“I’ve used the TVL 2000 previously, and it’s a great fixture for dialing in a color temperature.  It has low energy consumption and for a flat panel it has great punch and is actually directional,” said Feldman.

In addition to being the largest online news show in the world (over 30 million YouTube views per month), The Young Turks can be seen weeknights on Current TV.  That means Feldman will be holding on to his 4Wall rental for quite some time.

Feldman spoke of using 4Wall LA as his lighting provider, saying, “It has been great working with 4Wall LA on the show.  I visited the warehouse initially and was impressed.  Kevin and the whole team there have been super helpful.”

Lighting and Set Design for The Young Turks is provided by Dave Feldman, Assistant Mike Billings.

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