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Clearwing Installs Lighting, Video, Rigging and More for Ark Encounter’s Answers Center

PLSN Staff • News • April 20, 2020

WILLIAMSTOWN, KY – Clearwing Systems Integration (CSI) designed and installed complete video, lighting, video, rigging, audio and drapery systems at the Ark Encounter’s new 2,500-seat Answers Center.

More details from Clearwing Systems Integration (

Home to the life-size replica of Noah’s Ark, the Ark Encounter continues to grow with the construction of the Answers Center. The 2,500-seat multipurpose venue hosts daily lectures, concerts, and video presentations in addition to large conferences and other events. The Ark Encounter once again chose Clearwing Systems Integration (CSI) to design and install complete Audio, Video, Lighting, Rigging, and Drapery systems.

Inside the huge center, the stage lighting system consists of ETC Source 4 LED Series 2 ellipsoidals and Selador D60 Vivid fixtures providing a full-stage, camera-friendly wash. A moving light package containing Martin MAC Quantum, Quantum Wash, and Encore Performance fixtures provide versatility for concerts and other events. The fixtures are hung on ETC Prodigy hoists for easy adjustment, serviceability, and adaptability – catering to any type of event.

Nearly 200 ChromaQ Inspire pendant fixtures were installed in the auditorium and outer lobby to provide full RGBW color in the audience areas. An ETC IONXe console controls the theatrical fixtures while ETC Paradigm controls the architectural lighting for the remainder of the building. ETC Sensor IQ breaker panels and a distributed ETC Net3 network provide flexible lighting control throughout the building.

A prominent part of the 80’ wide stage is the Nanolumens Performance P4.7UR LED wall. Measuring a massive 70’ wide by 22’ tall, the versatile display is used for daily movies, presentations, and iMag while also serving as an upstage backdrop. The screen processing is handled by a Barco E2, controlling content from a Green Hippo Boreal+ media server, ProPresenter, and iMag camera feeds.

As a full-service integrator, Clearwing also provided all rigging, drapery, acoustic panels, Lex company switches, and building-wide AV networking.

Lighting Equipment:

  • (36) ETC Source4 Series 2 Tungsten
  • (21) ETC Selador D60 Vivid
  • (8) Martin MAC Encore Performance
  • (4) Martin MAC Quantum Profile
  • (12) Martin MAC Quantum Wash
  • (183) ChromaQ InspireXT
  • (12) ChromaQ InspireMini
  • (1) ETC ION Xe20
  • (2) ETC Paradigm P-ACP
  • (5) ETC Sensor IQ Relay Panels
  • (Multiple) ETC Response Gateways

Video Equipment:

  • (1) Nanolumens 70’ x 22’ P4.7UR LED Video Wall
  • (1) Barco E2
  • (1) Barco EX
  • (1) Barco EC30
  • (1) Green Hippo Boreal+

Rigging Equipment:

  • (3) ETC Prodigy P1500E
  • (1) ETC QuickTouch 4

Soft Goods:

  • Bellatex Stage Curtains

Audio Equipment:

  • (24) L-Acoustics K2
  • (8) L-Acoustics KS28
  • (8) L-Acoustics X12
  • (8) L-Acoustics X8
  • (12) L-Acoustics LA12X
  • (1) L-Acoustics s LA4X
  • (2) Yamaha CL5
  • (4) Yamaha RIO1608-D2
  • (1) Yamaha RI8
  • (12 channels) Shure Axient Digital wireless with ADX transmitters
  • (2) QSC Core 510i
  • (Multiple) QSC AD and AP series distributed speakers

More Photos:

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