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DeGraw & Cook Tour Carries Sharpys, grandMA2

PLSN Staff • News • November 8, 2011

Los Angeles – Singer-songwriters Gavin DeGraw and “American Idol” winner David Cook are carrying Clay Paky Sharpys and a grandMA2 lighting console on their co-headlining U.S. tour. Lighting designer/director Scott Warner also serves as the programmer and operator.
More details from A.C.T Lighting (

Gavin DeGraw and David Cook Take Clay Paky Sharpys and grandMA2 On Nationwide Tour

LOS ANGELES – Singer-songwriters Gavin DeGraw and David Cook, the latter an “American Idol” winner, are co-headlining a U.S. tour and Clay Paky Sharpys and a grandMA2 lighting console are going along for the ride.  A.C.T Lighting is the North American distributor of Clay Paky fixtures and the grandMA2.

DeGraw and Cook plan to visit 22 cities on a continental swing that began Oct. 9. DeGraw is performing songs from his fourth album, “Sweeter,” and Cook appears in support of his most recent album, “This Loud Morning.”

Lighting designer/director Scott Warner is responsible for maximizing a limited lighting rig so all the bands appearing with DeGraw and Cook have their own look.  He also serves as the programmer and operator.

Instead of using conventional vertical trusses, Warner opted to create a three-level wall of truss at the back of the stage.  “With three levels it looks like I have three layers of light,” he explains.  “It gives me a nice wall of lights.  On the top level I have nine Sharpys, and I frame the bands with them.

“They’re a fantastic light, and I love that I can instantly move them around so if something is sounding cool on stage, I can go to it,” he continues.  “The Sharpys are super bright – in fact, I have to watch where I aim them so I don’t burn a hole in the back of an amplifier.  I’ve never used Clay Paky lights before, so the Sharpys are a great introduction.  The bands love them too – during sound checks everyone comments on them.  They call them ‘lasers’”

Warner is also a first-time grandMA2 user.  He’s using the console to control not only the Clay Paky Sharpys but also an array of Robe REDWash, Martin 700, Atomic Strobes and Lowel Omni lights.

“I saw the grandMA2 Light at LDI and loved the look – it’s a great-looking console and people come up to me to say how cool it is.  It’s also fast; I don’t have to wait for anything.  I like the touch control and bump buttons.  It feels good running the show, more fun – like sitting at a Mac computer.”  He also likes having access to more DMX universes on the grandMA2 Light.

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