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E3 Winners Attend WFx Show

PLSN Staff • News • November 12, 2008

HOUSTON — Elation Professional presented the winners of the 2008 Elation Educational Experience (E3) contest with their awards at the 2008 WFx Show. Pictured here are, from left, Elation’s Scott Davies, winners Frank Meyer, Yoshihito Takahashi and Josh Johnston, and Elation’s Eric Loader. The award, presented annually since 2006, recognizes young lighting designers and students with an interest in designing for houses of worship. Meyer is a youth minister and lighting designer based in Scottsdale, Ariz. who is completing his degree. Johnston, from Sheffield, Ala., has worked on lighting installations and retail sales, and Takahashi, from Brooklyn, N.Y., is a college student with an interest in stage design, audio and entertainment/theatre technology.

“We believe very strongly in the House of Worship market and want to be a part of it,” said Eric Loader, Elation Professional director of sales. “The E3 Awards are a vehicle that promotes awareness of HOW lighting among young people and celebrates their achievements in this area.”

 Elation provided the three winners with an all-expense paid trip to WFx in Houston, where they met with company executives, toured the show and were given an “under the hood” look at some new lighting and software products. The trio also had dinner with Loader and other Elation team members, where each winner was presented with an E3 trophy.
“It was a great time for us and the E3 winners,” said Loader. “The young people learned a lot being here, and we learned a lot from them.  There was a great interchange of ideas. Elation is committed to the future of HOW lighting, and one way we live up to this is by learning from the young people who will be shaping that future.”

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