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ESTA’s Technical Standards Program has Five Draft Standards in Active Public Review

PLSN Staff • News • October 14, 2021

ESTA’s Technical Standards Program currently has five draft standards in active public review. The reviews are open to anyone having a material interest in the subject matter.

More details from ESTA (

The review opportunities are as follows.

The Event Safety Working Group has one draft standard in public review.

BSR ES1.18 – 202x, Event Safety – Rigging provides minimum requirements and general guidelines for the suspension of equipment and materials that are utilized in the technical production of organized special events. It addresses the general requirements for design, planning, installation, set-up, removal and operation of rigging activities. These activities may be conducted using permanent or temporary structures, either in or out of doors. It does not cover permanently installed rigging systems, and it is not a tutorial or a list of specifications.

Submit comments before 08 November 2021.

The Photometrics Working Group has two draft standards, and one reaffirming standard, in public review.

ANSI E1.55 – 2016, Standard for Theatrical Makeup Mirror Lighting offers recommendations and requirements for makeup mirror lighting in performer dressing rooms and similar locations. It defines a range of acceptable lamp CCTs and color-rendering ratings, and also specifies illumination levels and lighting angles for illuminating the performer’s face while applying makeup. The existing standard is being considered for reaffirmation.

Submit comments before 26 October 2021.

BSR E1.69, Reporting the Dimming Performance of Entertainment Luminaires Using LED Sources describes a way of showing the end-user or equipment specifier the dimming performance of LED luminaires, when the luminaire output level is set by a control signal slowly varying from 100% to 50% and then from 50% to black-out.

Submit comments before 30 November 2021

BSR E1.41, Recommendations for the Measurement of Entertainment Luminaires Utilizing Solid State Light Sources is intended to be used for the presentation of photometric data for luminaires employing solid state light sources used in the entertainment and performance industries. This standard defines photometric data that may be presented on documents purporting to accurately describe the photometric performance of these luminaires when producing both white and colored light.

Submit comments before 14 December 2021.

The Rigging Working Group has one draft standard in public review.

BSR E1.22 – 202x, Fire Safety Curtain Systems covers the design, materials, fabrication, installation, operation, testing, and maintenance of fire safety curtain systems used for proscenium opening protection in theatres.

Submit comments before14 December 2021.

All of the pertinent documents associated with each of these public reviews can be found on the Technical Standard Program’s Public Review Documents page, at this link:

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