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ExtendPUA Continues its Push for Pandemic Relief

PLSN Staff • News • November 19, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC – The ExtendPUA group has been continuing its actions to get the attention of Congress to try and get some relief passed to help out everyone who is unemployed and is in dire straits.

On Nov. 17, the House of Representatives came back into sessions. ExtendPUA and thousands of volunteers called their legislators in a #JamTheLines effort to raise awareness of the need to pass support for the unemployed and underemployed. They won’t stop until relief is passed.

Here are some Calls to Action for today and moving forward to clear the logjam in Washington, D.C. with our legislators. Follow the links the excellent website that ExtendPUA has built. There are tons of prompts for calls and letters as well as social media graphics to raise and keep the awareness building efforts moving forward.

  • Call your Legislators. It takes 5 minutes or less. org/call
  • Call one of McConnell’s local offices. Tell him to stop obstructing and go to the negotiating table on HEROES. org/call
  • Send a follow-up Tweet to your legislators about your calls and need for relief. Tag them in your Tweets: @ExtendPUA and use the hashtag, #ReliefNoworg/tweet
  • Volunteer with ExtendPUA. They could always use help on projects. Join their Slack to donate time when you have it.
  • Engage with the Georgia Senate run-offs. We cannot wait until 2021 for relief but winning those two GA seats and stripping McConnell of majority leader title, will make all of the difference in the future fights.

For more information, go to


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