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Harman Pro University Adds 14 New Live Workshop Learning Sessions

PLSN Staff • News • May 5, 2020

NORTHRIDGE, CA – Harman Professional University added 14 free Live Workshops to its ongoing Learning Sessions program. Available workshops, scheduled for the first two weeks in May, feature lighting, AV and audio experts who have extensive industry knowledge and experience working with various touring acts.

More details from Harman (

The workshops now open for registration include:

May 7—Overview of Martin ERA Series with Ben Payne

May 11—Festival Lighting Control: The View from Both Ends of the Snake with Robin Seefeldt

May 11—Network Design – “It’s Effective, in a Top Down Approach” with Kyle Barron

May 12—The “Show Kernel” When Programming for Your Touring Artist with A.J. Pen

May 14—The Design Process with Paul Collison

May 15—WebSockets – “What They Are and Why They Matter” with Ian Craigie

May 15—The Art of Making Productions Look Larger with Robert Grobler

For audio pros, the sessions include:

May 4—Loudspeaker Design for Airports with Nick Screen

May 6—AoIP Comparison – “The Ultimate Digital Audio Snake” with Al Crain

May 7—Performance Manager 2.x Advanced: Importing Subs, Custom Speakers, Smaart with Chris Gavin (Two Sessions)

May 8—Using DDA: Basic System Design Confirmation with Keith Caggiano

May 8—Mixing Down Studio Creations for Live Shows with Ryan Logue

May 12—VTX Product Line Overview with Chris Gavin and Nick Mourn

May 13—Using DDA: Deconstructing a System Design with Jeff Phillips

More than a dozen Live Workshops conducted and recorded in April are now available at Harman Professional University’s YouTube channel. Workshops include ‘A/V Challenges in Esports’, Microphone Applications for Stage and Studio’ and ‘Lighting for Churches.’ Many more sessions are in production for release in the coming months, so be sure to visit to learn more and register early.

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