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In Memoriam: Roger Bigger, 65

PLSN Staff • News • January 7, 2009

HICKSVILLE, NY — Roger Bigger, 65, an employee at Lite-Trol Service Company for 14 years, died Nov. 18, 2008. Bigger, who had previously worked with defense contractors and their power supplies, assumed the lead role in Lite-Trol’s shop operations after joining the company in 1994, overseeing, managing and performing shop repairs and rehabs. Lite-Trol credited Bigger for developing new ways of maintaining and retrofitting equipment, using new styles of control, including DMX. Others also recognized and appreciated his technical prowess. “When it comes to bench repairing products, there's probably no one to hold a flame to him,” said David North of ETC. “Some even says he bonds with the circuits, a kind of Vulcan mind-meld, and intuitively knows just where to poke and prod to bring things back to life.”

Along with ETC, Bigger worked on repairing gear from Strand, Colortran, NSI, Macro, Leviton, Kliegl, Electro-Controls, TTI, Skirpan and others.

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