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JDI Productions Uses Chauvet Gear for Boston Hotel Ballroom

PLSN Staff • News • October 15, 2014

BOSTON — LD Derek Iorfida of JDI Productions (Johnston, RI) used Chauvet Professional gear including 24 Legend 412 moving heads, 18 Legend 230SR Beams and 30 WELL 2.0 fixtures to transform the look of the 15,000-square-foot Grand Ballroom at the Westin Waterfront Hotel here recently.

LD Derek Iorfida of JDI Productions used Chauvet gear to transform the look of the Grand Ballroom at the Westin Waterfront Hotel in Boston.

More details from Chauvet Professional (

From Governor Deval Patrick to the leaders of the business, sports and political worlds, every Massachusetts A-Lister has been to the elegant 15,000-square-foot Grand Ballroom at Boston’s stylish Westin Waterfront Hotel, a premier destination in the city. This venue has always had glamour; now it’s endowed with an added degree of glitz too, thanks to a dramatic lighting design by LD Derek Iorfida of JDI Productions (Johnston, RI).

“The Westin Waterfront is well known throughout the region,” said Iorfida. “It hosts a lot of high-profile events plus big weddings and conferences. Our client wanted a versatile   lighting system that could lend the right dramatic touch to a range of different events.”

Iorfida delivered this lighting sizzle to the Westin Waterfront with a rig built around a collection of fixtures from CHAUVET Professional. “We used 24 Legend 412 moving heads, 18 Legend 230SR Beams and 30 WELL 2.0 battery-powered fixtures in our design,” he said. “The movers are positioned around the room to create the visual excitement that you want with high-energy events, dances and things like awards ceremonies. The WELLs are placed around the perimeter to uplight walls and lend a sense of elegance to events.”

Battery-powered tri-colored LED uplights with pre-installed wireless W-DMX receivers for wireless control, the WELL 2.0 fixtures were crucial to the design Iorfida envisioned for the Westin Waterfront. “Uplighting was essential to the look we wanted for this room, but management insisted that there be no wiring or cables around the perimeter of the room, so the WELLs were perfect,” he said. “Plus Chauvet’s casing of these fixtures looks really good, so they complement the décor of the room, and they have a long (12-hour) battery life between recharging so they give us more than enough juice to last through any event.”

Looking at the Legend 230SR Beams, Iorfida praised the “element of surprise” that these ultra-bright (96,000 lux at 15 meters) fixtures bring to event lighting at the Westin Waterfront. “You get more variety with the Legend 230s overhead than you do with just straightforward color changing pars,” he said, noting that features like a zooming 8-facet prism, beam shaping, split colors and automated focus open a wide variety different design possibilities.

The compact size of the Legend 230SR also allowed Iorfida to position more units throughout the room.  “We wanted to make a statement in this room with a lot of high-output fixtures,” he said. “This is a high-profile facility with a great reputation, so it deserves a top quality lighting system.  Now, thanks to a solid design and some quality fixtures, it has one.”

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