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LED Displays for Presidential Inauguration

PLSN Staff • News • January 21, 2009

WASHINGTON, DC — There’s nothing like witnessing an American presidential inauguration in person — unless you’re one of more than one million other persons trying to catch a glimpse of the event. But mobile and modular LED screens helped at least some of those crowding the nation’s capital to see Barack Obama become the 44th U.S. president.

GoVision supplied four large LED displays made by Daktronics, including one of the world’s largest high-definition mobile LED units, for the swearing in ceremonies. The 19-foot-high, 33-foot-wide GoBigger was the largest of the displays. Just 50 feet away from President Obama was tractor trailer with a 17-foot-by-27-foot Daktronics 23mm ProStar video display supplied by Upstage Video, pictured here.


Along with the presidential inauguration, Upstage Video provided LED screens during Obama’s whistle-stop train tour with an LED display and camera support in Wilmington, Del. and Baltimore, Md.  That support including the use of two Barco B10 mobile LED units and a custom 9-foot-by-16-foot Daktronics mobile unit with control room.


"We are simply overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation to not only experience, but also to play a part in this historic event,” said Doug Murray, CEO of Upstage Video.


GoVision also supported a welcome-home rally for former president George W. Bush in Midland, Tex., a video feed of the inauguration in Chicago’s Pioneer Court, and a similar event at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C. on inauguration day.


“We believe Jan. 20 will go down as the biggest large-screen rental day in history,” said Chris Curtis, CEO of GoVision LP., who had fielded calls from organizers of events in several cities across the country and provide screens “for both sides of the political spectrum.”


"We are pleased that our screens will be a little part of history on the world’s biggest stage,” said Myron Linde, Daktronics mobile and modular sales manager, whose screens were used by both GoVision and Upstage Video.

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